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Western Australia Party has run a GST campaign for WA since January 2016.  We are making in roads but there is still a $5 billion GST shortfall every year!  We won’t give up on the #GST4WA.

Other things on our mind include:

  • Changing the Excise Fuel Tax so that WA receives 80 cents in the dollar instead of 34 cents in the dollar.
  • Increasing WA’s share of Federal revenue from 1.9% to 11% based on WA’s per capita share.
  • WA’s health care is short changed $270 per person from the Federal Government.
  • Stop WA cannibalising itself by cancelling one service to fund another service, especially in the regions of Western Australia.

We want to hear from you.

What policies would get a better deal for WA?

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