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"Flexibility is freedom for jobs"

Lilian was born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa and came to Western Australia over 13 years ago to study Human Resources, Hospitality & Tourism. Lilian has since worked with local government for seven years in a variety of positions which were all customer focussed.

Lilian’s experience living and working as a person who has migrated to Australia, has made her understand the gaps that exists within our community and throughout greater Western Australia which is why one of her main focus points is in job flexibility, especially with women and young people who are studying.  

Flexible working conditions is increasingly recognised as a valuable way to attract and retain employees across all age groups and genders. It drives employee engagement and productivity as well as boosting employee well-being, happiness and allows families to have the flexibility to grow.

Lilian has lived within the City of Wanneroo for 7 years working and raising a family and believes life should be better. Lilian is committed to ensuring for that to happen for us all we need the following changes to be achieved:

  • Fix our GST at 100% per capita share.
  • Genuinely listen to people and address their concerns.
  • Increase our WA Health, Education and Police services to enhance our community. 
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Email - Lilian4WannerooWA@outlook.com
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