Julie matheson steps down for new leadership

AUGUST 22, 2021

After five years as leader of the Western Australia Party, Julie Matheson has stepped down to focus her energies on her local government area of the City of Subiaco to be elected as the full-time Subiaco Mayor in October 2021.

We thank Julie for her contribution to the party and to the wider Western Australia community where she worked tirelessly to bring issues and make good policy in the best interests of Western Australia.  Under Julie’s leadership, the party achievements and campaigns included:

  • Political party registration in both Western Australia and Canberra to campaign better funding, representation and services for all WA citizens
  • Supporting and mentoring more than 80 candidates to participate in State and Federal elections since 2016
  • More than 1,500 supporters and new members
  • A member of State Parliament, Charles Smith for East Metropolitan
  • Gained respect and support for the party’s policies from other political parties and the State Government
  • The successful GST for Western Australia campaign with a 70cent floor for WA
  • Promoted the abolishment of payroll tax in Western Australia for more employment opportunities
  • Keep Commonwealth jobs in Western Australia for better service delivery
  • Reforming Local Government powers between elected members and administration and to change the way rates are calculated and spent
  • Improvements in the family court system to help mums, dads and especially children
  • Improved resident representation and transparency at the Development Assessment Panels via the Scrap the DAP campaign

We wish Julie all the best in her election to be the full-time Mayor of Subiaco in October 2021.

Fix local government reform

MARCH 5, 2021

The Western Australia Party’s campaign to FIX Local Government Reform started with Convenor Julie Matheson former Subiaco Councillor (2011-2019) and the Hon. Charles Smith MLC for East Metropolitan (from 2017).  Without reform, ratepayers will continue to suffer in the hip pocket from unmitigated rate rises from State Government cost shifting.

Local elected councillors approve these rate rises without realising they have the power to stop them.  Most councillors are subjected to WALGA’s training programs which determines a Local Government price rise index for ratepayers to pay.  There is no training on how to reduce the cost of local government, just how to increase costs and pay for “look at me projects” which ratepayers are consulted but no consent.  See: Consultation is NOT consent! Save our Suburbs! (westernaustraliaparty.org.au)

It’s time elected councillors exercised their powers to stop rate rises and planning policies which cost ratepayers their amenity, the right to quiet enjoyment of their properties and dangerous overdevelopment in existing suburbs of Perth.  Regionally, ratepayers are forced to foot the bill for local doctors, ambulance services and waste management which should be supplied by the State Government.

The entire local government and planning system is corrupted and probably has worse corruption than a boat trip with senior Crown employees!

The Western Australia Party is calling for WALGA and the WA Planning Commission to be subjected to the Auditor General for their cozy arrangements with developers and preferred supplier programs.

Our candidates from local government include Cr Kieran Noonan for Bunbury, Cr Katy Mair for South Metropolitan Region, Cr Dave Grills for Mining and Pastoral and Cr Elizabeth Re for North Metropolitan.

Vote 1 Western Australia Party to FIX local government reform for good.

Kieran Noonan (westernaustraliaparty.org.au)

Katy Mair (westernaustraliaparty.org.au)

Dave Grills (westernaustraliaparty.org.au)

Elizabeth Re (westernaustraliaparty.org.au)

Submission with regard to the review of the local government Act 1995 – Charles Smith MLC

Russell goodrick – a life well lived

MAY 11, 2021

The Western Australia Party is devastated by the death of one of the founding members of the party – Mr Russell Goodrick on Monday 10 May 2021 at 7pm.

Russell’s contribution to the Executive Team and as an exceptional candidate for the party in the 2017 State Election, 2018 Darling Range by-election and the 2021 State Election as our candidate for Mount Lawley will be a legacy for the Western Australia Party.