Election Results

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY would like to thank YOU the electors of WA for making this party a top 5 party in Western Australia.

Here's what you did

  • In Exmouth you gave 35% of the vote to our candidate for Durack Gary Mounsey, sending a message to the current MP not to take the North West for granted.
  • You gave our Senate candidates more votes that the Shooters Fishers and Farmers and the Liberal Democrat and they have state MPs.
  • Your donations helped us run advertisements in The West and Facebook
  • Over 130 of you volunteered at polling booths

We ran an honest campaign without any dirty backroom deals.  Our policies are in the BEST INTERESTS of WA, not made by powerbrokers in the eastern states.

Remember... Vote 1 for the Western Australia Party, then 2, 3 etc for the party you wish to govern the state or federal government.  Your vote matters.

Thank you.

Julie Matheson

Party Leader and Senate Candidate


A  P O L I T I C A L  P A R T Y  F O R  W A

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