Remote Area Tax Concessions and Payments Report

The Productivity Commission report into Remote Area Tax Concession and Payments has been released.


The Western Australia Party is disappointed with many of the statements and recommendations in the report. It is effectively recommending winding back of tax payments and concessions to the most remote areas only.


Regional and remote areas need different tax treatments to encourage people to live outside the major cities, and to stop the exodus from these areas to the cities, which then puts pressure on cities in terms of traffic, house prices, pollution etc.


FIFO has many other downsides including damaging the economies of the local towns, high divorce rates, and health impacts.


The Western Australia Party advocates for different tax treatments for all areas outside major cities, to encourage Australians to live outside the major cities and make living in regional and remote areas more affordable.


To view the report please follow this link:

A  P O L I T I C A L  P A R T Y  F O R  W A

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