Recession Ready Western Australia

The Western Australia Party calls on the people of WA to get on the front foot with its list of Shovel Ready projects or be another statistic in the Federal bias against Western Australia. 

Policy Adviser Andrew Mangano says "Our members have put together their list of Shovel Ready projects in advance of a technical recession cause by two quarters of negative growth predicted for the end of March and June 2020".

We call on the Federal Government to provide immediate stimulus funding starting with these Shovel Ready projects:

  1. Underground power projects that many local governments have on their Asset Renewal list to maintain continuous power supply to businesses and residents and avoid power outages caused by weather, accidents and fire.
  2. Tier 3 rail line restoration together with the implementation of WA SuperNet optical fibre to run alongside rail in the Grainbelt.  These two projects will provide employment for civil crews and provide benefit to Grainbelt towns and farm though improved backhaul together with a reduction in the long term damage to country roads.
  3. Fibre to Premises over the next ten years to keep families and businesses connected as more Western Australians work and school from home as a likely outcome from the Coronavirus lock-down.  The current NBN rollout is deficient.  The aging copper, coaxial cable, fixed wireless and satellite is not up to community expectations and standards.  In all other advanced economies fibre to the premises is either in place or planned and so should Western Australia.

"These Shovel Ready projects provide essential and continuous power and communication to Western Australia to maintain our position as the economic powerhouse of Australia."

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