Michael O'Loghlen for Agricultural Region

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is thrilled to announce its first candidate for the 2021 State Election.  Michael O’Loghlen is to be the lead candidate for the Agricultural Region in the Legislative Council.

Mr. O’Loghlen has served his community for 30 years. He is well known for his work as a professional Esperance fisherman, as the former owner of the Wubin BP roadhouse, and as a Shire of Gingin ranger.

Most recently, he has been working in the oil and gas fields off the northwest coast.

Western Australia Party Convenor, Julie Matheson, says, “Mr. O’Loghlen has lived and breathed the Agricultural Region for many years. However, like so many others, he is frustrated at being let down by politicians beholden to their eastern states’ bosses.”

Mr. O’Loghlen says he has had enough of the shambles presented to us by our politicians.

“Our G.S.T. share remains far below par, royalties for regions are being diluted, and our water security is almost ignored,” he said.

“As the first WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY candidate for the 2021 State Election, Michael O’Loghlen represents the start of our election campaign, says Matheson”. “Over the next year, the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY will be announcing candidates across the state and engaging with thousands of our fellow Western Australians.”

“Like many of you, I’m tired of our great state being let down by West Australian politicians who are helping out their eastern states counterparts,” said O’Loghlen.

“The Western Australia Party is for Western Australia!”

If elected, Michael O’Loghlen will use his state-wide experiences across Western Australia to represent the people of the Agricultural Region.

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