CCC Commissioner John McKechnie deserves a second term

The Western Australia Party questions the motives of the Joint Standing Committee* on the Corruption and Crime Commission not to reach bi-partisan support for the reappointment of CCC Commissioner Mr John McKechnie.

Spokesperson for the Western Australia Party, Julie Matheson said "It's a no brainer and in the best interests of Western Australia, Mr McKechnie should be reappointed".

"Mr McKechnie's time as Commissioner has uncovered some of the biggest WA public sector corruption scandals in recent times including misappropriating $22 million in the Department of Communities (safe children and public housing) and senior WA North Metropolitan Health bureaucrats corruptly receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and travel paid by contractors in exchange for winning work on Government projects."

Recent media reports indicate that Liberals are blocking the reappointment of Mr McKechnie because of CCC investigations into their former member Mr Phil Edman's $700 taxpayer trip to a Japanese bathhouse and other taxpayer funded personal expenditure.

"We are calling for bi-partisan support for the Government's Bill to reappoint Mr McKechnie for a second term to continue his outstanding work.  Members of Parliament should stand up for justice with a clear conscience that their actions speak louder than words.  Western Australia needs members of Parliament with integrity".

* Current members Labor Margaret Quirk and Matthew Hughes, Liberal Jim Chown and Greens Alison Xamon

Media enquiries:  Julie Matheson 0409 294 495

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