Recession proof WA's borders

It's in Western Australia's best interests to protect WA's borders from recession and budget constraints by receiving a per capita share (11%) of Federal funding.

The Western Australia Party and taxpayers of WA welcome the recently announced Commonwealth stimulus packages to support Australians during the COVID-19 crisis and State of Emergency.

Right now, all state governments are suffering massive reductions in the revenue streams from state taxes such as Payroll tax and Stamp duty due to loss of employment and much reduced property and motor vehicle sales.

The Western Australia Party calls on the Commonwealth to equal Western Australia's share of GST revenue to 100 percent per capita share and to guarantee that Western Australia receives our per capita (11%) share of all Commonwealth stimulus initiatives, including capital funding for SHOVEL READY PROJECTS in Western Australia.

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Authorised by S Phelan, Western Australia Party Secretary, Subiaco WA 6008

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