Western Australia Party's new Member of Parliament

 Independent MLC Charles Smith joins the Western Australia Party

East Metropolitan Region MP Charles Smith announced today he has joined the Western Australia Party (WAP), standing as their representative in the state’s upper house for the remaining election term.

Mr. Smith will be a key player leading the party into next year’s state election and encourages all independents to join the Western Australia Party and to hold the government to account on the crossbench seats in both the Legislative Assembly and Council.

“The Western Australian Party is a natural home for me as the party is focussed on putting Western Australians first,” said Mr. Smith. "The party’s election platform will include holding major parties to account on Western Australian jobs, cost of living, and law and order.  Our citizens have borne the brunt of a declining economy; that has seen their wealth and property values plummet and state taxes and charges rise.”

Economic restoration has been at the forefront of Mr. Smith’s work warning of rising unemployment and declining wages, which he attributes to overzealous policies like the international student trade, which is proven to increase competition for jobs and amplify downward pressure on wages. “Coupled with a cramped job market with substantial hikes in living costs and state taxes and charges, you can start to understand why West Aussies are doing it tough,” said Mr. Smith.

The Western Australia Party's campaign for more WA jobs will include Mr. Smith introducing new legislation to bring manufacturing back to WA.  Manufacturing will help to diversify the economy away from relying on property development, which superficially props up a third of the economy.

The newly-minted Western Australia Party MP and former police officer said ‘law and order’ is also high on his agenda, stating the WAP stands strongly for renewed investment into the justice system.

“The Western Australia Party will seek to recruit an additional 1000 frontline staff and introduce legislation to protect police in the course of their duties, and advocate for significant investment into additional prison capacity to relieve pressure on Western Australia’s overcrowded prisons.”

The Western Australia Party is the only registered party with its head office based in Western Australia and committed to making policies in the best interests of all Western Australians.

Authorised by Stephen Phelan, Western Australia Party Secretary, West Perth WA 6005

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