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Cambridge Council is the only Western Australian council to take its roles and responsibilities seriously.  It’s a model council for WA.

Mayor Keri Shannon and Councillors have been holding the Council’s administration to high level of performance and efficiency, reforming key administrative processes and updating planning instruments neglected for a decade.  The Council has also delivered Zero Rate Rises for three years in row.

Cambridge Council appears to be punished by “the club” and the Minister for Local Government by alleging conduct without releasing particulars in the Show Cause Notice.

Hypothetically, if money is stolen from a council, who is responsible?

Under the Local Government Act 1995, it’s the elected members that are responsible for the functions of local government in section 2.7 including the stolen money.

A CEO has no responsibility under the Act and no responsibility for stolen money.

So it would be appropriate for a Council to make its own independent inquiries about how the money was stolen so that it can satisfy itself that appropriate supervision and oversight of the accounts is properly implemented to the satisfaction of the Council, not the CEO.

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