Bush Tucker Food Security

The Western Australia Party is proud to submit a submission to the Hon. Ben Wyatt about Food Security in Western Australia's remote communities.



Treasurer Hon Ben Wyatt MLA

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Dumas House, 2 Havelock Street


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Dear Minister Wyatt


SUBMISSION:  Food Security in remote communities

In a recent article in the West Australian, there was criticism of the cost of a 2 litre bottle of orange juice at Mulan (Lake Gregory) Aboriginal community store being $12 when the equivalent price in Perth would be $5.50.  The West Australian took credit for the decision by the State Government to conduct an Inquiry into this revelation.

Apart from the high cost of transport from Perth to Halls Creek and then 300km south on very rough roads to Mulan, there may be other reasons why the cost was so high.

The orange juice referred to is high in sugar, which is not a preferred diet for any child or adult. Perhaps the pricing is reflective of discouragement of consumption of that product.

The Western Australia Party is strongly supportive of Aboriginal people having healthy diets, and eating locally sourced produce, and their community stores where possible operated by local people.

Bush Tucker Security

Food security is dened by the Council of Australian Governments as ‘the ability of individuals, households and communities to acquire appropriate and nutritious food on a regular and reliable basis using socially acceptable means'.

Bush Tucker should be on the menu for all remote communities and if it’s not available the State Government should find out why and provide this important food security.  All remote communities live on country.  Aboriginal country existed for more than 40,000 years.  Aboriginal people didn’t starve or die out because of no food while living on country.

Bush Tucker Education

Remote communities must have Bush Tucker Education for all people on country rather than additional health workers that report the issues but are unable to solve the problem like showing Aboriginal people how to catch and prepare food on country.

It is important that the State Government takes an active interest in promoting healthy diets in all remote communities.

Bush Tucker Security

Bush Tucker Security in remote communities should be a priority for this Government in 2020 and beyond.

Our candidates campaigning in remote areas have witness some communities starving when not far away farmers are digging back unwanted vegetables into the ground.  People living on country say their food and water sources have been disrupted by mining and agriculture.  This food security issue does not appear to be a high priority for government when approving land use and mining rights.

The Western Australia Party would be supportive of legislation introduced into parliament that addresses Bush Tucker Security for remote communities with a number of issues addressed like:

1.     Identification of Bush Tucker prior to 1829 settlement in remote areas

2.     Initiatives to reintroduce sources of Bush Tucker if lost or in decline

3.     Cultural education on management and food gathering for remote communities on country.

4.     Supply of fresh food to be underwritten by mining and agricultural companies with leases and tenements over regional land areas


We look forward to your reply to our concerns raised in this submission.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely


Janetia Knapp,

Western Australia Party Aboriginal Affairs Adviser and Candidate for Fremantle


Julie Matheson, BA (UWA), Dip FP (Deakin), CFP® (FPA)

Western Australia Party Convenor


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