Young West Australians get involved

Doug Jackson has gone from council candidate to government minister. The Peppermint Grove resident has the transport portfolio in this year’s Youth Parliament. Doug, 19, was put in as the Member for Maylands, and is working with his eight-member committee on how to improve our trains and buses. “As part of Metronet the State Government is re-doing Bayswater station and is building a new station at Morley,” Doug said. “Each committee writes a Bill. Ours is on how to improve public transport. “We look at what the state government has done, or is doing, and see if we can improve it.”

Doug, who came close to winning a seat at Peppermint Grove council last year, said he had always been interested in politics. “I joined a political party (Julie Matheson’s Western Australia Party) when I was 16,” he said. “Young people should do more than complain about politics.” After a week-long camp, Youth Parliamentarians debate Bills and give speeches in the Lower House for three days. “It’s normally in July, but the COVID-19 pandemic has seen that pushed to September,” Doug said. “We have a break at exam time, and then we get into the Bill amendment phase.”

Doug, a Scotch College graduate, is in his second year of a UWA degree in political science and international relations. He met Maylands Labor MP Lisa Baker to obtain information about the area for a speech. “She was really helpful; each Youth Parliamentarian gives a speech about the good things they’ve noticed about their electorate,” he said. “Hopefully our Bill will get passed: Youth Parliament isn’t about partisan politics; it’s about ideas and policy.”

Doug’s Parliamentary colleagues include Lucinda Flavel (Cottesloe); Emily Sullivan (Nedlands); and Lucy Lonnqvist (Churchlands). The Premier (and Member for Bassendean) is Bassendean resident Emily Wilding. This is the 25th year of Youth Parliament, which is coordinated by the YMCA.

As printed in the Post Newspaper - 26 June 2020


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