Brad Bedford for Midland

Smith endorses Midland candidate for 2021



The Western Australia Party publicly endorsed Brad Bedford this week who announced he is running as a Western Australia Party candidate to represent Midland at the 2021 state election.


Mr Bedford, a former electro-plater at the Midland Railway Workshops, says he is running to establish a working railway museum at the Midland Workshops.


According to Mr Bedford the workshops are a key historical site with the potential to be a successful tourist and educational precinct, injecting life and capital into Midland. 


“We should be preserving WA’s cultural and working history and promoting those trades that built this state, so younger generations can get a feel for these trades and have a go at learning and developing their fine motor skills.


“Despite promises to restore the languishing infrastructure of course nothing has happened and I am here to change that.


It’s more than just the buildings; it’s what the workers did inside,” Mr Bedford said.


East Metropolitan MP Charles Smith supports Mr Bedford and says both the major parties regularly whitewashes the state’s history in favour of commercial interests.


“Imagine turning workshops into a museum for school aged children, history `enthusiasts and tourists.


“Not only do we keep a bit of Perth’s important working history but the boost this project would provide to the local economy would be fantastic,” Mr Smith said.


Mr Smith also said that during the COVID-19 crisis where unemployment has surged, projects such as the workshop’s restoration are particularly important.


Mr Bedford joined the Western Australia Party due to the party’s strong history in supporting local jobs, manufacturing and a solid track record in preserving key historical landmarks.




Contact: Brad Bedford 0424 397 473                                             

              Russell Goodrick 0418 922 464


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