Dave Grills for Mining and Pastoral



“Mining and Pastoral deserves proven representation, and the Western Australia Party is thrilled to endorse Dave Grills as our Regional candidate in the Legislative Council at the March 2021 State election,” says Party Leader Julie Matheson.


Mr. Grills, whose family has a long history in Kalgoorlie, is well known in the Mining and Pastoral Region as a former policeman and Member of Parliament from 2013 through 2017.


Dave has also served two terms on local council where he’s provided strong commitment and engagement with the community, separately has provided effective programs identifying and supporting youth, and in business, advice on Occupational Health and Safety.


Campaign issues:

Dave Grills says he’s running to ensure that regional Western Australia benefits from WA’s resource contribution to the nation.


Mr. Grills says, “WA’s over-reliance on Fly-in Fly-out workers is harming regional Western Australia and needs to be reduced. The Western Australia Party wants to encourage FIFO workers to work and live in major regional towns with their families.”


“Further, we must encourage and support small business in local areas,” he said.


Living and setting up a business in regional towns can be significantly supported by abolishing fringe benefits tax and receiving a fair per capita GST share.  Small businesses can compete for employees without the costly burden of FBT on employment benefits such as homes, cars, school fees, gym membership, water, and electricity.  “I will work with state and federal governments to achieve this,” He said.


“As a former Policeman, I know first-hand the problems relating to Law and Order in Regional WA, and if elected, I will work to increase the numbers of frontline staff at regional police stations and seek a review of the Young Offenders Act 1994,” he said.


We want to see more robust laws introduced so that criminal offenders are swiftly removed from the community. We will work hand in hand with local government to make this our priority.”


Endorsed by:

Supporting Mr. Grills, East Metropolitan MLC Charles Smith says, “I’ve known Dave for around 15 years. He’s a hard-working local who’ll fight for the Mining and Pastoral Region.”


Julie Matheson, formerly of Port Hedland (in the Mining and Pastoral electorate), firmly supports Mr. Grills declaring that high taxes are a substantial barrier to small business development in Regional WA and Dave is the right man to pursue this issue in State Parliament.”


“In March 2021, you can vote for change or more of the same.” said Mr. Grills

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