Bill Koul for Bateman



Bill Koul endorsed as Bateman candidate for 2021 Election


A professional engineer and author, Bill Koul has been endorsed to represent the Western Australia Party at the 2021 state election. Mr. Koul says he is running to preserve and improve the liveability of Bateman and its connectivity with surrounding areas and the Perth CBD.


“We should improve the maintenance and upkeep of Public Open Spaces; improve upon the existing facilities for seniors and children; work to create smoother traffic conditions with less traffic congestion; and ensure the sensible development of public infrastructure, including commercial and residential buildings.”


“As a safe seat, Bateman often misses out on key infrastructure spending to more marginal, politically motivated electorates. It’s time to change that, he says.”


Upper House, South Metropolitan Region candidate Katy Mair has supported Mr. Koul since she awarded him Australian citizenship during her tenure as Mayor of the City of Melville two decades ago.


The former Mayor says, “Bill understands the needs of Bateman and will use his extensive experience to be a strong local representative for the electorate in Parliament.”


“Bill is often seen walking through the streets, chatting and listening to residents on a regular basis. Something he has done long before announcing his candidacy and something he will continue to do for many years to come.”


“Bill Koul is the best choice to represent Bateman in 2021,” Ms. Mair said.


Both Ms. Mair and Mr. Koul joined the Western Australia Party due to the party’s long-held stance of putting Western Australia first, not political ideologies or eastern states powerbrokers.


Mr. Koul is also passionate about ensuring that Western Australia receives its fair share of Federal funding and a 100% per capita share of the GST revenue.


“WA contributes significantly to the Australian economy, despite having only 11% of the Australian population, punching well above its weight in the fields of economy, education, sports, and science. It’s time that we get recognized for this contribution to our nation.”




Contact: Bill Koul 0448 128 398.                                                      Russell Goodrick 0418 922 464

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