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Midland Railway Workshop to reopen thanks to Brad Bedford

For the past 25 years, the Midland Railway Workshops have rusted away under both Liberal and Labor Governments.

Both major political parties had shut their doors on thousands of apprentices trained at the workshops during its 90-year history.

Until now !

The Western Australia Party is aware the State Government is planning a reopening of Midland Railway Workshop with a claim that it is an initiative from the Labor Party. Convenor of the Western Australia Party, Julie Matheson, says, "it's not!".

"The Midland Railway Workshop's reopening as a working industrial museum is Brad Bedford's initiative, not the Labor Party's.

Brad is the Western Australia Party Candidate for Midland after the Liberal and Labor Parties both slammed the door shut on Brad and his campaign. Brad has amassed a large following, with thousands signing a petition and hundreds attending a reunion for former apprentices. Brad has a plan for youth unemployment in Western Australia, and the Labor and Liberal parties do not".

The workshops had provided trades people for many different industries across the state of Western Australia.

So when you see a big announcement about reopening the Midland Railway Workshops for an "activity centre" in the next 14 days or so, remember Brad Bedford, Candidate for Midland, because his name will be missing from the credits, another sign that the Western Australia Party is winning for W.A.

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