Federal per capita share of Jobs in Western Australia

Jobs from the Commonwealth are just as important to WA as jobs from the private sector.

In this State Election 2021, the Western Australia Party will be pursuing jobs for all Western Australians especially from manufacturing, industry and technology.

Western Australians are the highest tax payers per head of population yet we receive a second class service from the east with no Commonwealth service hubs or 000 Emergency call centres based in WA.  We are 11 percent of the population and should receive 11% of the permanent jobs from the Commonwealth.

Many new jobs are in the "Gig Economy" which have no real foundation for taking out a mortgage and buying a home.

We want real permanent Jobs in WA.

VOTE 1 for the Western Australia Party for secure jobs in WA. 


A  P O L I T I C A L  P A R T Y  F O R  W A

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