Royalties for Regions shake up!

It's no secret Royalties for Regions has been used by successive governments to "pork-barrel" their favourite seats both in Metropolitan Perth and Regional Towns.

How did such a good policy in the Best Interests of WA go so wrong?  It needs a big shake up!

The Western Australia Party candidate for Agriculture, Michael O'Loghlen has the answers.

"Getting Royalties for Regions back on track is a big priority for the Western Australia Party to deliver health services and community centres, with projects to be overseen by your elected Local Council. I believe that Royalties for Regions was poorly administered under the Lib/Nat coalition and now Labor, partly because there was a lack of Local Government input. I now see the current Labor government removing hundreds of millions of dollars every year from Royalties to other programs to suit their party's agenda, not regional towns."

"Regional towns pay for medical practitioners through Local Government rates, yet get no funding from Medicare.  The state government keeps it all!  All taxpayers pay Medicare and then residents in regional towns pay Medicare again through their rates.  The Royalties for Regions is a broken system and needs an urgent fix!"

Vote 1 Western Australia Party to Fix Royalties for Regions.

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