Juvenile Crime, yes we can fix it!

There's just no appetite to fix juvenile crime in Western Australia from the major parties, but we do!

Western Australia Party Candidate for Mining and Pastoral Region and former Member of Parliament Dave Grills has a plan to introduce a behavior management strategy to address juvenile crime in Western Australia.

Mr Grills said:  "he will push for a year-long Behaviour Modification Program for repeat offenders to incentivise good behaviour".

Having worked as a police officer and vocational support officer in the Goldfields, Mr Grills stated "the region of Mining and Pastoral is experiencing high levels of violence and crime".

"What we have his nothing more than continuing cycles of offending and re-offending with no actual positive change occurring.  I've said it before, we cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result!"

Mr Grills noted the problematic influence of family crime within the region, "In many cases older siblings, members of the immediate or extended family are committing the same offences as the children, so where is the incentive for them not to follow the same path?"

"Fines don't work and ad hoc community service programs achieve little," he said.

Vote 1 Western Australia Party and Fix Juvenile Crime for Good.


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