Fix public housing for good

During the past 20 years there's been no appetite to FIX public housing by the coalition parties in government - Labor and Greens in the upper house, Liberal and Nationals in the lower house.  

Aboriginal Elder Janetia Knapp, candidate for Fremantle and Cultural Teacher at Notre Dame University has campaigned to FIX Public Housing since joining the Western Australia Party in 2017.  She hasn't stopped.

The Western Australia Party is well known for following the money like the GST, where it goes and why WA residents are missing out.  Elder Knapp says "What we have found is the State Government is profiteering from the misery of people in desperate need of social housing.  The misery is palpable when empty promises are made."  

In 2019 the State Government promised they would provide $319 million dollars for building, buying, renovating and maintaining social housing. Instead the money has gone to the Government's pet projects and other "look at me" projects.  

"Pet projects are not putting a roof over disparate Western Australians, living in their cars, in tents, couch surfing and crowded social housing as families try to help."

"Aboriginal people gave up their country for mining rights in return for access to a roof over our heads and for everyone in Western Australia but this government is profiteering from our misery as it banks another $1.5Billion more in iron ore royalties. It's time to FIX public housing for good with royalties and the GST."

There are over 15,700 applicants on the waiting list for Social Housing as well as a 7 year waiting time. This is up 13.3% same time 2019. Homelessness is insidious and has devastating consequences to the society of Western Australia.  Let's FIX social housing for good!

Vote 1 for the Western Australia Party and Aboriginal Elder Janetia Knapp in Fremantle

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