Bunbury Broken Promises

Bunbury is the second city in Western Australia and has been promised the relocation of government departments, a faster train and other infrastructure projects, only to see the major parties break those promises once elected.

Local Bunbury teacher Kieran Noonan is campaigning to hold the major parties to account on their broken promises and to FIX Bunbury's status as the second city of WA for good.

"For too long Bunbury has ‘been the bridesmaid, never the bride.’ With more than 20 empty shop fronts along Victoria Street alone, Bunbury needs community building investment", said Mr Noonan.

“There are some terrific projects that should be priorities for enhancing the city’s tourism potential, such as the Back Beach Ocean Pool, the Bunbury to Busselton Cycle Link, and the Giant Trees’ Walk in the Gelorup Corridor.  These projects would naturally compliment the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre as world class tourism destinations,” Mr Noonan explained.  

A source of frustration has been the current government’s insistence on sticking to a 46-year-old plan to build the Bunbury Outer Ring Road through the Gelorup Corridor.  Not only would this destroy an iconic tourism opportunity, it would also bury 13.8 million tonnes of Basalt, which will be needed in the future for building seawalls to prevent coastal erosion due to increasingly severe winter storms.  “We need governments to look beyond the next four years and to consider jobs future generations,” Mr Noonan said. 

If you would like to secure Bunbury’s status as the second city in WA with the right infrastructure and opportunities, join Kieran's campaign to win the seat of Bunbury and stop the broken promises!

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Media enquiries:  Kieran Noonan 0476 197 988 or South West candidate: Terri Sharp 0417 923 981


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