FIX Ambulance Ramping

Staggeringly Western Australia is one of the states with the fewest beds available per capita in Australia, well below the national average!

Fewest beds per capita means Ambulance Ramping has become the scourge of Emergency Hospital Departments.

Katy Mair, Councillor with the City of Melville, business owner and candidate for South Metropolitan Region, says "the Emergency Departments are running at 150% to 180%  occupancy at their worst with patients left in corridors and waiting rooms because hundreds of beds are closed to save money!"

"Patients die when they cannot get into hospitals and when ambulances are delayed in getting to life-threatening emergencies. It's seniors that suffer the most, since they can be stuck in corridors when they are most vulnerable and unwell." 

"Sick patients can spend hours in ambulances waiting to be admitted to Emergency Departments. The ambulances are being paid for their time queuing but its cold comfort to those who need to be admitted into hospitals. Then there are others who are waiting hours for an ambulance to pick them up" says Ms Mair. 

The State Government is using the COVID-19 extra cleaning of ambulances as an excuse for Ambulance Ramping. Cleaning was not included in ramping statistics, only the time it took for paramedics to hand over a patient for hospital admission.

It's time to FIX Ambulance Ramping by:

  1. Immediately reopen the 100 closed public hospital beds and commit to adding a further 600 across Western Australia. 
  2. Commit to establishing mental health crisis care units so these patients can be removed from Emergency Departments. 
  3. Employ public health doctors permanently, rather than having them on fixed-term contracts.
  4. Employ more nursing staff. 

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