Preserve public reserves

Western Australia Party leader Julie Matheson and Upper House MP Charles Smith today announced a policy aimed at protecting historical public reserves from private developers.

The Preserve the Reserve campaign urges the Government to stop high-rise developments on key historical reserves in Subiaco and Midland.

Development WA have earmarked the Subiaco Reserve, a state heritage listed asset, for high-rise blocks of flats.

Ms Matheson says the site’s historical and cultural significance is important and should be protected at all costs from private development.

“The Subiaco Reserve was developed in 1904 and has been the home of WA football for generations.

“We cannot have our key historical sites being sold off to developers which destroy amenity and completely disregard our historical roots,” Ms Matheson said.

Mr Smith, who represents the Eastern Metro region, said the Midland Reserve is under the same threat.

“Midland’s Reserve goes back to 1891 and now the elected council wants to sell off the reserve for a shopping centre and high-rise apartments.

“The council and Development WA must be stopped.  They are committing ecocide and behave like gangsters,” Mr Smith said.

The Western Australia Party is the only political party pushing for local government reform and a Parliamentary enquiry into the State Government’s WA Planning Commission.

“The WA Planning Commission is an unelected and unaccountable institution with too much power.

“They have approved the destruction of community assets and key historical sites and their power must be kept in check,” Mr Smith said.

If re-elected into Parliament in March, Mr Smith said he will continue to hold property developers, councils and the WA Planning Commission to account.

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