FIX Building standards for good

Smith calls for urgent building standards review

Western Australia Party MP Charles Smith said the building industry needs a serious parliamentary review due to below-standard builds affecting WA families.

Mr Smith said if re-elected to his east metro seat, he will support calls for a committee to scrutinise the building industry and wants greater consumer protection protocols.

He is also concerned about the role of the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) and the WA Building Commission due to biased decisions and unelected authority.

“There are no regulations in place that hold tradespeople to a suitable building standard so we see shoddy workmanship and disgruntled families who are granted no consumer protections.

“If those families dare to assert their right to be compensated for terrible workmanship they are met with the wrath of the WA Building Commission and the SAT who are only in the job to keep the property lobby in business,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith said the Shonky Builders WA Facebook page run by John Samuel shows the stark reality of building quality and limited consumer protections that has prevailed in WA.

The Facebook private group has 37,000 members.

“If politics is really about representing the people then the next Parliament will urgently need a Building Standards Regulations inquiry.

“We also need to lobby the Commonwealth for a Royal Commission into the SAT and the WA Building Commission,” Mr Smith said.

The incumbent MP says the building industry must be held to account as families are being destroyed financially and mentally due to building industry corruption.

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