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Candidates launch at Parliament House

Candidates representing representing the Western Australia Party launched their campaigns at Parliament House in a bit to convince electors to put Western Australia first on the ballot paper.

Convenor Julie Matheson said "our candidates are community minded and don't want to change anyone's Liberal and Labor values.  Just vote 1 Western Australia Party to put the WA community first and 2 for another party to help us form government."  

"Our policies are made locally and in the best interests of Western Australia.  Other parties like Liberal and Labor import ideologies from the east like capital city living in tiny flats or making an economy out of selling coffee and property to each other in a big population!"

"Western Australia is the economic heart beat of Australia and we have our own way of living on 33% of Australia's land mass."

This election Vote 1 to win for Western Australia.

Candidate Launch 19 February 2021




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