FIX pest and weed management in WA

"Stop the cost shifting from State Government to ratepayers and fund it from Commonwealth revenue", says Brett Clarke, Candidate for Darling Range.

Landowners are being threaten with fines and caveats on their properties if they don't pay rates to control declared plants and animal pests.  The State Government is mismanaging ratepayer funds by setting up bureaucratic groups at significant cost without actually doing the work.

According to Brett Clarke, Candidate for Darling Range, "these expensive bureaucratic groups have failed to implement and carry out the pest management program but still make ratepayers pay".

When Labor came to power in 2017, they adopted the Western Australia Party's campaign to "shut down the quangos" from the reign of the Liberal Party.  Many departments were closed, or amalgamated in the first 100 days of Labor but in just 4 years this pest management plan has tripled the number of RBG quangos without results.

Mr Clarke says "the tripling of Recognised Bio-security Groups (RBG) across the state to 15 in 2020 is costing ratepayers a fortune without any real benefit and are now threatening property owners with fines and caveats."

The Western Australia Party is campaigning for local government reform to stop the State Government from cost shifting to ratepayers instead of properly funding its roles and responsibilities like pest and weed management by using Federal funding from our GST revenue.

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