No Dump in Dardanup

Dardanup is in a wonderful region of the South West, think incredible scenery, friendly people, art trails and Artists, exceptional food and dining experiences, award-winning wines and agricultural excellence. This is all on the doorstep of Bunbury and amongst the beautiful Ferguson Valley.

Locals refer to the Dardanup Waste Precinct as The Dump, a facility constantly expanding capacity and receiving toxic refinery tailings from Tronox and Wren Oil waste.  Of deep concern is this waste facility sits atop the Darling Scarp which is a major fault line.

It also happens to be located on the South West aquifer system used by thousands of people for their mains drinking water.

The region of Dardanup is well known as prime irrigated agricultural land. The Dump site is between two river systems that feed the aquifer in a catchment region. 

The Dump also shares the boundary with the Dardanup Conservation Park, a bushland of exceptional importance for the biodiversity conservation and ecological linkages it provides in a region surrounded by extensively cleared agricultural land.

There are no setbacks for the park which is showing stress from the location of the waste facility. This region provides important habitat to the black cockatoo, already an endangered species.

What Dardanup wants:

⭐️ A cessation of the expansion of the landfill site immediately.

⭐️ A three year exit plan of the whole waste facility.

⭐️ A removal of the Waste Precinct in the Shire planning scheme.

⭐️ Western Australia to introduce dedicated legislation for planning management and location of landfill.  WA is the only state without this legislation and should have the highest standards of all other states because of its biodiversity and location.

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