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Buy Local, Vote Local

Let's Buy Local, Vote Local in this WA State Election 2021.

The Western Australia Party was formed because the members were constantly amazed by the cries that the Eastern States are dominating Western Australia yet Western Australians continue to vote unknowingly for parties founded with headquarters in the Eastern States!

Let’s have a look. Liberal, Labor, Greens and Liberal Democrats all have Headquarters in ACT, Shooters and Fishers’ Head Quarters are in New South Wales and One Nation’s Head Quarters are in Queensland! 

Does this ring any alarm bells!! 

Western Australians unknowingly keep voting for Eastern States parties and WA keeps getting the same old unsatisfying results!

We go on about buying local but we vote Eastern States!  Let's Vote Local.

If we vote local we stop the Eastern States dominating us or discounting us as an unimportant State of the Federation of Australia by voting for our local Western Australia Party established in Western Australia for the Western Australian people.

The only reason West Australian’s get concessions from Eastern States Parties is when WA threatens to throw them out of the State and/or Federal Government!

Just look what happened during the COVID 19 lockdown! Western Australians suddenly realized that we hardly produce anything anymore. We have outsourced almost everything! 

Here is one example:

Western Australia is a producer of high quality, safe milk and in 2015/16 produced 385 million litres which had a value of over $202 million. WA's milk has been identified as some of the cleanest and highest quality in Australia due to the state's very high herd health status. However, the industry is in crisis because of low payments for local milk and eastern states imports. 

There are only around 150 dairy farmers left in WA, following an exodus from the industry due to rising production costs and unsustainable payments to farmers. About 15,000 tonnes of cheese is imported from interstate and overseas every year. WA no longer produces hard cheese. Don’t bother going down south for local cheese tasting because you will mostly be eating Eastern States or New Zealand cheese. Read the milk and cheese packaging for the real story in the supermarket. You will be surprised! 

Did you know that we do not have a logo for Western Australian made products any more! If we are going to support local, we definitely need our own logo! 

We are so dependent on interstate and overseas providers that we no longer control our state. We even let our talent including our families go interstate and overseas to find work when we should be providing jobs at home in Western Australia for them.

Only now are we becoming aware of Buy Local and providing jobs for Locals. We now need to Vote Local for a better outcome for our local people and ultimately, our State!

Vote 1 Western Australia Party for Buy Local, Vote Local and save our State.


A  P O L I T I C A L  P A R T Y  F O R  W A

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