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Let's celebrate our Working History

The Midland Railway Workshops are the most respected part of WA's working history and celebrated with songs and books written about "what they did inside".

Mr Ralph Sarich in an email to the Western Australia Party described his "respect for the excellent training provided by the Midland Workshops, which assisted his early engineering development".  Mr Sarich went on to build a very successful business incorporating Cape Bouvard Investments.

There are many more contributors to the businesses, construction and engineering services of WA which have links back the Midland Railway Workshops.

Both Liberal and Labor hatched a plan to privatise apprenticeship training in WA and they succeeded in 1993 when the Midland Railway Workshops were shut and abandoned.

Western Australia Party's Brad Bedford, candidate for Midland and many other former workers and apprentices want the Workshops reopened.  "That's why we are campaigning to keep alive WA's working history in an Industrial Heritage Museum, not consign it to the history books," said Mr Bedford.  

"Mark McGowan wants to forget The Midland Railway Workshops and what a Labor Party once stood for.   We don’t."  

Vote 1 Brad Bedford for Midland and the Western Australia Party above the line for an Industrial heritage Museum at the Midland Railway Workshops and let’s activate Midland. 

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