Gambling tax exemption from GST split hurts WA

If the Liberal Party were really serious about fixing the GST for WA, they would have voted YES to include gambling revenue in the GST formula at the 2018 Liberal Party Federal Conference.  Instead they voted NO.

It is a little known fact that each state’s gambling revenues is not considered when the Commonwealth Grants Commission decides how much GST revenue each state should receive.

The states and territories that permit Club poker machines benefit from this situation receiving more GST plus significant revenues from Club poker machines and other gambling, far in excess of what Western Australia raises from the Burswood located casino. As a result, Western Australia’s share of Commonwealth revenue becomes GST welfare to these states.

Club poker machines and gambling revenues are another reason why WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY says:

“GST formula is a LEMON and should be abolished.”

“Forget the GST formula which Liberal and Labor won’t fix, just give WA our 100% per-capita share of the GST revenue.”

If Western Australia received 100% of our per-capita share of GST, we could pay off debt, and provide a well-funded education, health and law enforcement service to all Western Australians.

Currently Western Australia receives $5.3 billion less than its capita share of the total GST revenue, and this shortfall is partly due to the exclusion of gambling revenues from the GST formula.

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