The Western Australia Party is a proud supporter of Privacy Awareness Week.  Your privacy is critical especially concerning working from home and enrolment in the Commonwealth's COVID19 app. 

The government wants more and more information from you over the internet like joining MyGov and storing your health information on line.  You are also expected to stop using cash and pay on line or by electronic cards, tap and go.

Your support for the Western Australia Party is critical to keep the government honest about your privacy and to protect your rights to pay with cash or card and to store your personal information in your preferred format.

Authorised by S Phelan, Secretary for the Western Australia Party, Subiaco WA 6008

It's in Western Australia's best interests to protect WA's borders from recession and budget constraints by receiving a per capita share (11%) of Federal funding.

The Western Australia Party and taxpayers of WA welcome the recently announced Commonwealth stimulus packages to support Australians during the COVID-19 crisis and State of Emergency.

Right now, all state governments are suffering massive reductions in the revenue streams from state taxes such as Payroll tax and Stamp duty due to loss of employment and much reduced property and motor vehicle sales.

The Western Australia Party calls on the Commonwealth to equal Western Australia's share of GST revenue to 100 percent per capita share and to guarantee that Western Australia receives our per capita (11%) share of all Commonwealth stimulus initiatives, including capital funding for SHOVEL READY PROJECTS in Western Australia.

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Media enquiries:  Andrew Mangano on 0400 899 210

Authorised by S Phelan, Western Australia Party Secretary, Subiaco WA 6008

The Western Australia Party questions the motives of the Joint Standing Committee* on the Corruption and Crime Commission not to reach bi-partisan support for the reappointment of CCC Commissioner Mr John McKechnie.

Spokesperson for the Western Australia Party, Julie Matheson said "It's a no brainer and in the best interests of Western Australia, Mr McKechnie should be reappointed".

"Mr McKechnie's time as Commissioner has uncovered some of the biggest WA public sector corruption scandals in recent times including misappropriating $22 million in the Department of Communities (safe children and public housing) and senior WA North Metropolitan Health bureaucrats corruptly receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and travel paid by contractors in exchange for winning work on Government projects."

Recent media reports indicate that Liberals are blocking the reappointment of Mr McKechnie because of CCC investigations into their former member Mr Phil Edman's $700 taxpayer trip to a Japanese bathhouse and other taxpayer funded personal expenditure.

"We are calling for bi-partisan support for the Government's Bill to reappoint Mr McKechnie for a second term to continue his outstanding work.  Members of Parliament should stand up for justice with a clear conscience that their actions speak louder than words.  Western Australia needs members of Parliament with integrity".

* Current members Labor Margaret Quirk and Matthew Hughes, Liberal Jim Chown and Greens Alison Xamon

Media enquiries:  Julie Matheson 0409 294 495

Authorised by S Phelan, Subiaco WA 6008

The State Government must step in to save regional towns from airfare hikes.

The Western Australia Party is concerned about the effect on regional communities from the collapse of the Virgin Australia group and its local WA subsidiary, Virgin Australia Regional Airlines.

As Australia's largest state, air travel is critical to WA's regional towns for business, health and tourism at a fair price.

It is critical that the State Government step in and assist to facilitate another operation to take over Virgin airline's travel routes to guarantee competition in the air industry to keep prices as a fair level or regulate airfares in regional areas of Western Australia.

Media enquiries:  Julie Matheson, Western Australia Party Convenor 0409 294 495

Authorised by Stephen Phelan, Western Australia Party Secretary, Subiaco WA


The Western Australian Party has written to Parliamentarians seeking a NO VOTE to the hastily prepared Local Government Amendment (COVID-19 Response) Bill 2020 and its unfettered powers for the Minister for Local Government and Councils where there is no oversight by an independent umpire on decision making.  The Bill will be put to parliament on 15 and 16 April 2020.

The Western Australia Party is opposed the Local Government Amendment (COVID-19 Response) Bill 2020. 

Western Australians understand that COVID-19 has resulted in many changes to stop the spread of the pandemic. The most important and most successful change is restricting the entry of persons to the state and this should be maintained for as long as is necessary.

However, there are some in local government (including WALGA) and the state government who are using the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to conduct a “power grab” of democracy away from council elected members and the community as a whole.


Proposed section 10.3(1) empowers the Local Government Minister with discretion to issue an order to modify or suspend the operation of specified provisions of the Act or regulations made under the Act. Ministerial discretion is very dangerous and can easily be misused, as we have seen with the Planning Minister’s recent actions approving over height developments and ramming through Local Planning Schemes.

Proposed section 10.4 (Suspension of local law) is unnecessary and uncalled for.  Local governments already have discretionary powers, that are exercisable with a resolution of council, to suspend the operation of a local law or part of local law, to reduce red-tape and to quickly respond to local consequences in their district of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There is no reason why democracy in local government should be a victim of COVID-19.


Instead the Western Australia Party wants to introduce new powers under the Act to stop the power grab by a number of Council CEO’s from attempting to use the COVID-19 pandemic to conduct special meetings to increase their power by changing delegations and having only the Mayor, rather than the full Council to approve motions, without reference to elected Councillors or the community.


Councils are already meeting online and can continue to meet this way, as needed, until the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Councillors, who represent the community, can respond quickly to any urgent matter, online.

"CEOs already have powers under Delegated Authority to respond quickly to emerging needs of the community. Parliament does not have to provide them with any more powers through coercion from this Bill. " 

Media enquiries:  Andrew Mangano, Policy Adviser 0400 899 210

Authorised by Stephen Phelan, Western Australia Party Secretary, Subiaco WA 6008

The Western Australian public deserve to be able to go to hospitals without risking contact with COVID-19 infected persons.

Therefore the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is calling on the government to reopen the building known as PRINCESS MARGARET HOSPITAL (PMH) to be dedicated to emergency help for COVID-19.

This will free up our public hospitals to help with other medical emergencies and health issues that still need treatment.

PMH is the ideal location for the treatment of COVID-19. It has parking that health workers desperately need and is accessible from north, south, west and east freeways/highways.


Media contact:  Russell Goodrick 0418 922 464 or Julie Matheson 0409 294 495


Authorised by: Stephen Phelan, Subiaco WA 6008



This funding timeline has been released by the government commencing 31 March 2020:

  1. From 31 March 2020 First round of $750 payments to support households
  2. Applications from early-April Assistance for existing apprentices and trainees for a wage subsidy of 50% to a maximum of $21,000 for 9 months to 30 September 2020
  3. Applications from mid-April 2020 Temporary early release of $10,000 tax free from superannuation
  4. From 27 April 2020 Income support (Job Seeker $565.70 pf) plus a Coronavirus supplement of $550 per fortnight 
  5. From 28 April 2020 First phase of Boosting Cash Flow for Employers starting with a minimum payment of $20,000 to pay rent, electricity and other bills and retain staff
  6. From 1 May 2020 Increased transfer payments from a 0.75% reduction in both the upper and lower social security deeming rates for Age pensioners and other Centrelink benefits
  7. From 1 July 2020 another $10,000 access to superannuation will be available for approximately three months (tax free)
  8. From 13 July 2020 Second round of $750 payments to support households
  9. From 21 July 2020 Second phase of Boosting Cash Flow for Employers
  10. A 50% reduction in compulsory withdrawals from retirement income pension accounts in 2020 and 2021
  11. Asset write-off for business up to $150,000 until 30 June 2020

To be eligible, the applicant must satisfy any one or more of the following:

  • is unemployed; or
  • eligible to receive a job seeker payment, youth allowance for jobseekers, parenting payment, special benefit or farm household allowance; or
  • after 1 January 2020:
    • been made redundant; or
    • the working hours were reduced by 20% or more; or
    • a sole trader, the business was suspended or a reduction in turnover of 20% or more.


From 30 March 2020, affected employers will be a claim a fortnightly payment of $1,500 per eligible employee for a maximum period of 6 months.

If you require financial guidance to navigate the Federal government's stimulus packages, please contact the party and we will put you in touch with one of our members that specialises in the service you require.

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone:  0409 294 495

Authorised by Stephen Phelan, Subiaco WA

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is thrilled to announce its first candidate for the 2021 State Election. Michael O’Loghlen is to be the lead candidate for the Agricultural Region in the Legislative Council.


Mr. O’Loghlen has served his community for 30 years. He is well known for his work as a professional Esperance fisherman, as the former owner of the Wubin BP roadhouse, and as a Shire of Gingin ranger.


Most recently, he has been working in the oil and gas fields off the northwest coast.


Western Australia Party Convenor, Julie Matheson, says, “Mr. O’Loghlen has lived and breathed the Agricultural Region for many years. However, like so many others, he is frustrated at being let down by politicians beholden to their eastern states’ bosses.”


Mr. O’Loghlen says he has had enough of the shambles presented to us by our politicians.


“Our G.S.T. share remains far below par, royalties for regions are being diluted, and our water security is almost ignored,” he said.


“As the first WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY candidate for the 2021 State Election, Michael O’Loghlen represents the start of our election campaign, says Matheson”. “Over the next year, the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY will be announcing candidates across the state and engaging with thousands of our fellow Western Australians.”


“Like many of you, I’m tired of our great state being let down by West Australian politicians who are helping out their eastern states counterparts,” said O’Loghlen.


“The Western Australia Party is for Western Australia!”


If elected, Michael O’Loghlen will use his state-wide experiences across Western Australia to represent the people of the Agricultural Region.

The Western Australia Party calls on the people of WA to get on the front foot with its list of Shovel Ready projects or be another statistic in the Federal bias against Western Australia. 

The WA planning system has unfettered powers to approve any development without compensation for affected neighbours.

These powers have developed over time since 2011 to force infill into the established suburbs of Perth.  Most of the infill is blocks of high-rise flats built on the boundary on the neighbouring property.

Other inappropriate development approved with these unfettered powers include a McDonalds built near a school oval in Mandurah, new housing built in wetlands, and proposals to build high-rise flats on the Subiaco Oval Reserve which is needed for active sports space for the Bob Hawke College, the community and the WA Football Commission.

Our policies will target the WA planning system and remove these unfettered powers starting with a Royal Commission into the WA Planning Commission and the powers of the Minister for Planning.

The Productivity Commission report into Remote Area Tax Concession and Payments has been released.


The Western Australia Party is disappointed with many of the statements and recommendations in the report. It is effectively recommending winding back of tax payments and concessions to the most remote areas only.


Regional and remote areas need different tax treatments to encourage people to live outside the major cities, and to stop the exodus from these areas to the cities, which then puts pressure on cities in terms of traffic, house prices, pollution etc.


FIFO has many other downsides including damaging the economies of the local towns, high divorce rates, and health impacts.


The Western Australia Party advocates for different tax treatments for all areas outside major cities, to encourage Australians to live outside the major cities and make living in regional and remote areas more affordable.


To view the report please follow this link:

This policy is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Neal who died from starvation over 56 days caused by stomach cancer, age 46 (3 April 2012).

Western Australia Party Members have a conscience vote on policies such as assisted dying.

There is much emotional debate in the media and community at this time related to the proposed assisted dying laws.

Convenor of  the Western Australia Party, Julie Matheson says "There is little or no mention of access to groundbreaking, although not yet proven, medical research programs by those diagnosed with a terminal illness." 

These programs should be included in any Parliamentary Bill to help the terminally ill.

The Western Australia Party believes that those diagnosed with a terminal illness should be first allowed to partake in medical research programs that may not only benefit them, but also provide relief from pain and suffering, and make available valuable results for medical researchers and future patients.

The Western Australia Party also believes this research should be funded by the public medical system, so it is not limited to those with sufficient wealth.

Proposed Policy

  1. The Western Australian Government shall create and maintain a register within Western Australia of competent research into human terminal illness.

  2. Any person with the mental capacity to make considerate decisions and upon receipt of confirmation of the diagnosis of a terminal illness by a registered medical practitioner in Western Australia shall be:

 a)  given access without cost, to the above-noted register;

 b)  Including access to a qualified independent research professional whom shall discuss with the individual the pro’s and con’s of any and all potentially suitable registered research and medications, and provide an answer without bias to all questions raised by the individual;

 c)  The individual shall have the right to determine if the discussed research opportunities, identified above, occur in the presence and contribution of the individual’s specialist medical practitioner or in private.

 d)  The individual shall be given an opportunity to voluntarily and without coercion, take part in any current, open, and registered research identified as potentially providing relief in respect to the specific terminal illness.

 e)  The individual alone shall decide if taking part in research shall be concurrent with or to the exclusion of the individual’s specialist medical practitioner’s recommended medicinal or other treatment regimes.

 f)  The individual shall have the right, without question, to withdraw at any time from any such research. For the value of the research, the researcher may request, but is not entitled to coerce or in any other manner, force, the person withdrawing to contribute to a survey questionnaire.

 g)  Contributing to any particular research or withdrawing from any registered research shall not prevent the individual from contributing to any other registered research.

 h)  If at any time the researchers identify that a specific regime of specific research does not deliver a measurable benefit to the individual, the individual is to be advised as soon as is practicable of that failure to benefit.

  3.   The Western Australian Government shall fund the cost of any such research voluntarily undertaken by an individual. The benefit of the public funding identified here is that whereas currently medical costs are paid, under this model the public receive the benefit from; public education, encouraging research, earlier access to beneficial treatment and of receiving cost savings from greater confidence in research results.

 4.    The results of such research shall be made available to the public, with the exclusion of the private details of the individual concerned.



The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY would like to thank YOU the electors of WA for making this party a top 5 party in Western Australia.

Here's what you did

  • In Exmouth you gave 35% of the vote to our candidate for Durack Gary Mounsey, sending a message to the current MP not to take the North West for granted.
  • You gave our Senate candidates more votes that the Shooters Fishers and Farmers and the Liberal Democrat and they have state MPs.
  • Your donations helped us run advertisements in The West and Facebook
  • Over 130 of you volunteered at polling booths

We ran an honest campaign without any dirty backroom deals.  Our policies are in the BEST INTERESTS of WA, not made by powerbrokers in the eastern states.

Remember... Vote 1 for the Western Australia Party, then 2, 3 etc for the party you wish to govern the state or federal government.  Your vote matters.

Thank you.

Julie Matheson

Party Leader and Senate Candidate


Vote 1 for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY on both ballot papers this Saturday 18 May 2019.

Why?  Because your number 1 vote is a double value vote.

With the help of voters in the by-elections of Cottesloe, Darling Range and Perth, the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY exposed the false claims of every party and every politician in Canberra that said "they couldn't change the GST without approval of all states".  Even Scott Morrison claimed it was up to the states to agree when he was Treasurer, and the Labor party did nothing while they were in government too.

While Canberra politicians were making these false claims, WA's share of the GST fell to 32 cents in the dollar, WA's cost of living went through the roof, electricity prices increased by 100%, WaterCorp overcharged every business and every household by $1 billion to make a profit for the State Government, while other state governments balanced their budgets using our share of the GST.

WA now knows after pressure from the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY at the ballot box, we can have a 70 cent floor on the GST without agreement from the other states.

With the help of every Western Australian voter in this election, the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY will expose that other states receive a per capita share of the GST and so should WA to stop the rising cost of living in WA.

We will also expose:

  • The other states balance their budget using our GST, while WA households are forced to pay more for essential services
  • The transfer of Commonwealth jobs in Defence, BOM, public service and the ABC to the eastern states.
  • Fringe Benefits Tax is killing off our regional towns
  • WA is only state not to have a National Hub to provide a federal government service
  • Unsold WA produce is being ploughed back into the ground instead of receiving Federal funding to distribute food to remote communities
  • The lack of infrastructure has WA commuters pay the second highest public transport costs in Australia
  • The cost of airport security has caused airfares to be unaffordable in regional WA
  • There is no 000 emergency call centre in WA

and much more.

So please.... Do something different this election.  Use your double value vote to expose Canberra's discrimination against WA.  Vote 1 for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY on the ballot paper and put your 2nd vote for the party you would like to see govern Australia in the best interests of WA.

Thank you for your support.

Julie Matheson, Party Leader and candidate for the Senate.

Phone: 0409 294 495 | email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  "Western Australian farmers continue to have an oversupply of produce that is being ploughed back into the ground instead of being distributed to the remote and rural communities," says Peter Swift, WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY candidate for the seat of O'Connor.

Swift says,"Limited access to fresh food is an ongoing problem facing remote communities, especially traditional food sources like Kangaroo ." 

These areas continue to suffer due to cycles of the mining 'boom and bust' and an overall unavailability of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Traditional food is a primary source of nutrition for Aboriginal people and there are little, or no kangaroos left after mining activities.

Lack of access to their primary food source can have heavy long-term consequences for their community.

Peter says; “Being a farmer in the region, I have seen the impact that poor food supply management has had on our remote communities. The continued neglect is unfair! A proper process needs to be put into place.”

Autonomy over their food supply is an imperative part of preserving and respecting Aboriginal culture and community.

Alleviating the gap through education and thorough food supply management are the crucial next steps for improved development of Western Australia.

 “We need to introduce better initiatives like fruit, vegetable and meat delivery programs that are regularly sent to our communities. Our top priority should be to improve access to nutritional food supply.”

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY calls for changes to food supply access to remote communities in WA.


Peter Swift

Candidate for the seat of O’Connor


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

0429 919 616

Andrew Mangano is a proud Western Australian and the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY candidate for Curtin. Through his experiences as a local community member, he deeply understands the concerns of his area and believes WA requires adequate representation in Australian parliament.  

Professionally, Andrew graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1985 and has been an Engineer ever since. Andrew’s political career began in October 2017 when he was elected as Councillor for the City of Nedlands. Being a Dalkeith resident since 1995, he has been an active part of the community; he is a foundation member and current president of the Friends of Point Resolution.

Andrew is standing for this election as he would like to advocate for GST fairness and the unfair reduction of Commonwealth Public Service jobs in WA as a result of centralisation to the Eastern states. He is passionate about efficient maintenance and improvement of local infrastructure.

Andrew feels the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY strongly aligns with his values for WA and the need for recognition in Federal parliament. Andrew believes that through his voice and the voice of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY, he can make imperative change to the seat of Curtin.


Seat of Curtin

Curtin covers 98 sq km area an area west of Perth, bordered by the Indian Ocean in the west and the Swan River in the south. The suburbs include Churchlands, City Beach, Claremont, Cottesloe, Crawley, Daglish, Dalkeith, Doubleview, Floreat, Glendalough, Herdsman, Innaloo, Jolimont, Karrakatta, Karrinyup (part), Mount Claremont, Mosman Park, Osborne Park (part), Nedlands, Peppermint Grove, Scarborough (part), Shenton Park, Swanbourne, Subiaco, West Leederville, Wembley, Wembley Downs and Woodlands.


The Bureau of Meteorology, like many Commonwealth agencies, is pursuing an agenda to centralise its staff to the eastern states.


While this may appear more efficient, there is a strong likelihood the accuracy of forecasting will diminish, as local knowledge disappears.


In particular, staff in rural and remote areas who man weather stations will disappear, resulting in inaccurate forecasting.


The loss of 30-40 skilled jobs in Western Australia will also have some impact on our economy, both in Perth and across WA.


Most other agencies, including the ABC media, Defence, Centrelink, and the public service generally, have only a very small fraction of their staff employed in Western Australia.

The only party willing to do something about the loss of Commonwealth jobs in Western Australia is the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY.


The Western Australia Party opposes the centralisation of BoM and all Commonwealth jobs to the eastern states.


The only satisfactory result for Western Australia is 11% per capita share of Commonwealth jobs in Western Australia!


Contact:  Julie Matheson, lead Senate Candidate


Phone:  0409 294 495 | email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter’s tabling of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC) Final Report is no more than a cynical attempt to stave off a Royal Commission into the Family Law Industry. 

WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY candidate for the seat of Pearce, Michael Calautti says, “the 583-page review fails to mention the victims of Family law – other than a cursory mention about suicide”.

 “We simply should not accept the report!” says Calautti

 The Review team, stacked with a list of over three pages of Family Law and associated professionals, failed to see any relevance in the human train-wreck of casualties of the Australian Family Law system.

 The  human misery does not just extend to deaths; it is the enormous sadness caused by over 300,000 children who are totally cut off from a parent after separation.  It affects the children, siblings, mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and other extended family and friends. 

The fact that the Review has shown such a callous disregard for human life affirms that in the main the Panel had no training in Psychology or Child Welfare and ought to be removed from any decision-making capacity.

Calautti says, “In 2016 the Family Court CEO Richard Foster advised the Senate that he had ‘no idea’ and the Court would probably never know the effects of the Court on children, despite the claim that it acts in the Best interests of Children.”

If the  Attorney and Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus cared, the Government should commission research to determine whether the Industry produced outcomes consistent with community expectations. No such study was ever commissioned.

Every year about 48,000 families separate, most needing two homes to maintain the children’s relationships with their parents. But the Industry simply guarantees a lucrative revenue stream for itself, from parents trapped in the irresolvable arguments it creates. Though undoubtedly in the billions, the true amount extorted by the Family Court Industry from Aussie parents remains a carefully guarded secret.


Why do Porter and Dreyfus continue to defend and endorse a system that strips families of their assets to resolve the legal ambiguities they’ve written into law?  


A Royal Commission is urgently needed into the Family Court.


News Release 2019 -04-27 


Michael Calautti,


Candidate for the seat of Pearce


Michael is a proud Western Australian father of four and grandfather of one. Professionally, Michael operated his own business as an Electrical Contractor and for the past 16 years has worked in the Mining Construction Sector as a FIFO Electrical Superintendent.

Michael is standing for the seat of Pearce to highlight the lack of action on Family Law Reform by the current Attorney General, Christian Porter, and the general failure of successive governments to address the biggest issue destroying tens of thousands of families every year. That issue is the Family Law and Court system which has devastated parents and children since its inception in 1975.

Michael is calling for a Royal Commission to be held immediately after the Attorney General's 583-page review failed to mention the victims of Family Law - other than a cursory mention about suicide.  The focus of the Royal Commission should be on children and their guaranteed rights to be raised by both loving parents. Their parents should not be forced to fund expensive legal action to simply move on and should be able to afford to provide their children with two homes to enjoy those relationships.

Michael stands with the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY as he believes there is urgent need for Canberra to recognise and address the needs of Western Australia. He is tired of our state being taken granted and wishes to advocate GST fairness. He states that the revenue discrimination is at the heart of several WA concerns and wishes to make an impactful change through his voice with the Party.


 Seat of Pearce

Pearce covers 13,250 sq km area and contains all of the Shires of Beverly, Chittering, Gingin, Northam, Toodyay and York and parts of the Cities of Swan and Wanneroo. The Division includes the suburbs of Aveley, Banksia Grove, Baskerville, Brabham, Brigadoon, Bullsbrook, Carramar, Clarkson, Dayton, Ellenbrook, Henley Brook, Herne Hill, Lexia, Mariginiup, Melaleuca, Middle Swan (part), Mindarie, Morangup, Neerabup, Red Hill (part), Tamala Park, West Swan and Wundowie.

Baby boomers with their life savings in Australia shares won't be the only investors worse off under Labor's policy to abolish the franking credit refund policy, so will young people especially FIFO workers who lose their jobs and don't qualify for Newstart.

Many young people take advice and save money in shares, especially WA FIFO workers.  Investing in Australian shares is a favourite because shares pay an income twice a year and can be reinvested to purchase more shares. 

Under Labor's proposal, a FIFO worker can claim back the franking credit refund, but not if they are unemployed and have no taxable income.  For an unemployed worker with savings in shares it's a double dose of unfairness.  No support income because they don't qualify for Newstart due to savings in shares, and no franking credit refund because they don't pay tax when unemployed.

Baby boomers on the other hand will be looking to financial planners to arrange their investments so they can qualify for at least $1 of Age Pension and be eligible to claim franking credit refunds as well.  If Labor wins, Baby boomers will be better off with advice from a good financial planner but young people will be disadvantaged because of the "ageist superannuation system" that exists in Australia.

To assume that tax paid by companies is refunded as franking credits is a misleading understanding of the franking credit system. When a company makes a profit, it's taxed at a flat rate of 30% and paid to the ATO.  A company can choose to pay a dividend or not to its shareholders in any year.  Not all profits are paid to shareholders.

Australian companies like A2 Milk (A2M.asx), Bellamy Aust (BAL.asx) and Bingo Ind (BIN.asx) make millions of dollars in profits, pay tax, but don't pay a dividend.

It's a matter of fairness to investors.  Why should one type of investor receive income from their investment untaxed and another investor taxed at source?

Consider these three options for a FIFO worker with $100,000 savings to invest:

1.    Term deposit pays interest $2,000 each year. The interest is not taxed at source by the bank with a tax file number provided.

2.    Rental Property in a regional town pays rent $2,000 each year. The rent is not taxed at source.

3.    Wesfarmers/CBA/RIO declares a dividend of $2,000. All companies deduct 30% tax at source of $600 and pays $1,400.  The unemployed FIFO worker is worse off by $600.

Where's the fairness in taxation for these three investment examples.  Why should one investment be taxed at source and others are not?  These are the issues that need addressing, not favouring one type of investor over another.

The local economy will be worse off because stay at home Mum and Dad shareholders will have less money to spend when their Franking Credit refunds are abolished.  Most investors received their refunds in December each year, ready to spend at Christmas time.

Abolishing Franking Credit refunds will disadvantage investors without recognising the risks of not receiving a dividend or losing money on the stock market or in a private company.  More Australian companies will fall into the hands of foreign ownership without local support.

This policy to abolish Franking Credit refunds to some shareholders and not others is flawed and detrimental to Australian small business, investors and to the local economy.

Julie Matheson, BA (UWA), Dip FP (Deakin), CFP (FPA)

Senate Candidate and Convenor for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY

m: 0409 294 495 | e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. |

a:  PO Box 8134, SUBIACO   WA   6008





Born in Mount Lawley, Jane Boxall has lived in Western Australia all her life. She is passionately loyal to this state. In her career as a school teacher she has taught in regional  areas and in the city and understands the need to support the diversity and isolation of Australia’s largest state.

She has brought up four children and understands the things that are important to young people; good educational and job opportunities, a chance to rent or buy a home at a fair price and the need for clean air and environmental  protection for a healthy lifestyle.

She has been involved with the family court system and recognizes that urgent reforms are needed to support and understand the unique difficulties of mothers, fathers and children through this process.

While a true-blue Australian, Jane  also sees  that Western Australia is the economic powerhouse of the nation. It is therefore entitled  to receive  appropriate returns for its contribution.  With 11% of the nation’s population WA should receive 11% of the GST purse.

  Jane will always support policies that are best for Western Australia.



Seat of Perth:

Perth covers 80 sq km area and is by the Swan River to the south and east, the Mitchell Freeway and Kings Park to the west and the Cities of Vincent and Bassendean, the suburbs of Coolbinia (part), Menora, Inglewood (part), Bedford, Morley(part) and Noranda to the north. Suburbs include Ashfield, Bassendean, Bayswater, Bedford, Coolbinia (part), Dianella (part), East Perth, Eden Hill, Embleton, Highgate, Inglewood, Kings Park, Leederville, Maylands, Menora, Morley (part), Mount Hawthorn, Mount Lawley, Noranda, Northbridge, North Perth, Perth and West Perth.

As Chief Rabbi of the Perth Hebrew Congregation for 30 years, David has been involved in interacting with people of all faiths and backgrounds in Western Australia in a social, pastoral and charitable context.  This experience has led to his intention to enter Federal politics, to draw on his wide professional experience, and make meaningful change in the Australian parliament.

As an elected Senator, David pledges to donate his salary and distribute this to the homeless of Western Australia and to women seeking refuge from domestic violence. David has a deep social conscience and is a firm believer that hard work and effort should be rewarded; but these rewards cannot be enjoyed while there are those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society.

David's politics are neither left nor right but centre on a deep social conscious based on policies that serve the best interests of Western Australia.

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is dedicated to safeguarding the economic wellbeing and WA and its citizens.  This includes the protection and support small business, and the Party's special interest in preserving the uniqueness of Western Australian fauna and flora.  These policies, amongst other have attracted David to the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY.  The convenor of the Party, Julie Matheson, whose name is first on the Senate ticket is particularly impressive because of her dedication and commitment to Western Australia and the Party.

Janetia Knapp is an aboriginal elder of the Noongar community in Fremantle. Western Australia is deeply embedded in her identity and is the fuel that drives her passion. Through her experiences as an indigenous woman and her engagement with the community, she has deeply understood the gap that exists within the people of WA.

Professionally, Janetia is a school teacher in cultural teachings and is the resident artist at Notre Dame University. She believes that the youth of our community truly are the future of our country.

Janetia believes that an authentic and genuine collaboration is imperative for a healthy society. She wishes to encourage a celebration of all the diverse cultures that exist in WA. Being an active member of Fremantle, she will voice the concerns of the community and stand up for fair representation. Janetia stood for the seat of Fremantle in 2017 as a proud member of the Western Australia Party. Janetia is again putting herself forward because she is passionate about having the Fremantle community heard in Canberra.


Seat of Fremantle

Fremantle covers 196 sq km area from the Cities of Cockburn, Fremantle and Melville (part) and the town of East Fremantle. It is situated south west of Perth and includes Rottnest Island. The suburbs include Atwell, Aubin Grove, Banjup, Beaconsfield, Beeliar, Bibra Lake, Coolbellup, Coogee, Cockburn Central, East Fremantle, Fremantle, Hamilton Hill, Hammond Park, Henderson, Hilton, Jandakot, Kardinya (part), Leeming (part), Munster, North Coogee, North Fremantle, North Lake, O'Connor, Palmyra, Samson, South Fremantle, South Lake, Spearwood, Success, Wattleup, White Gum Valley and Yangebup.


Elizabeth Re is a proud Western Australian who was born in Mount Lawley, lived in Nollamara and later Woodlands. She attended Lady of Lourdes Primary School in Yokine before completing her Bachelor of Science at Curtin University and a Graduate Diploma of Education at Murdoch University. Elizabeth grew up in the world of Local Government, with her father Julius Re being a Councillor at the City of Perth and founding the Soccer Federation of Australia.

Elizabeth Re is a proud Western Australian who was born in Mount Lawley, lived in Nollamara and later Woodlands. She attended Lady of Lourdes Primary School in Yokine before completing her Bachelor of Science at Curtin University and a Graduate Diploma of Education at Murdoch University. Elizabeth grew up in the world of Local Government, with her father Julius Re being a Councillor at the City of Perth and founding the Soccer Federation of Australia.

 Professionally, Elizabeth works as a private consultant in the field of sustainability and environmental health and has worked as a teacher, auditor, health and building inspector and in project management. Her ability to lead was seen when she lectured on Sustainability, Climate Change and Waste Management at the tertiary level and has presented papers at both international and state conferences on topics such as Sustainability and Public Health issues.

Since 2005, Elizabeth has been elected as a Councillor for The City of Stirling, making her the seventh female Councillor elected onto the City of Stirling in its history. Her commitment, at the grassroots level, has seen her successfully elected over the last 14 years, which she takes pride in.

Elizabeth has been a nominee for Australian of the Year, Western Australian Citizen of the Year, and the Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year. From an early age, she was taught the value of citizenship and making a difference to improve our community. In 2010, she was elected as one of the Australian ambassadors for Women in Local Government. She is dedicated to using her passionate voice and spending time volunteering.

Through her years of education, professional experience and her involvement in the community, Elizabeth has been exposed to a variety of concerns that Stirling residents face on a daily basis. She is very familiar with local issues and is not afraid to voice her concerns on behalf of her community. Elizabeth advocates for GST fairness, reducing the fuel tax to increase disposable income, improved public transport infrastructure, funding for local clubs especially women’s change rooms to encourage an active, safe and clean environment. Known for her vocal approach, she has never shied away from the real issues that affect our people. With her stellar track record for standing up for community issues, she believes Stirling residents need a cultural change to address their current needs and improve their lifestyle choices for their future wellbeing.


Seat of Stirling

Stirling covers 74 sq km area from City of Stirling and a small portion of the City of Bayswater. Suburbs include Balcatta, Balga, Carine, Dianella (part), Gwelup, Hamersley, Joondanna, Karrinyup (part), Mirrabooka, Morley (part), Nollamara, North Beach, Osborne park (part), Scarborough (part), Stirling, Trigg, Tuart Hill, Watermans Bay, Westminster and Yokine.


Peter Swift is a passionate local farmer and contractor in the seat of O’Connor. After spending several of his formative years becoming engaged in his local community, Peter formed Swift Air, a commercial airline that focuses on scenic tours of our grand North West.  

Twelve years ago, Peter fulfilled his dream and purchased his own farm in the Shire of Cranbrook. This exciting time quickly turned as this began Peter’s long uphill battle, often the plight many farmers face. After consistent efforts to fight for property rights and his land, Peter felt unheard and unfairly treated by his local representative of parliament.  

This sparked Peter’s new life mission to raise awareness of the impact government actions were having on local constituents. He knew he had a civic and moral responsibility to turn his experience into an advocating voice for so many in his area and beyond. Peter now campaigns for property and land rights and its imperative existence in a democratic society. 

Peter’s career also saw him working in the Fitzroy Valley region of WA where he started the Peter Swift Gift Foundation. This initiative was founded to help underprivileged Aboriginal children; Peter often champions the importance of giving back to the community. Politically, Peter has held the position of Councillor for the Shire of Waroona and has been heavily involved in local activities, events and clubs.  

Peter is passionate about advocating proper compensation for land use changes to WA farming areas. He believes that his community deserve representation through a genuine voice. Peter’s personal experience paired with his extensive knowledge in the industry of farming and community engagement have equipped him to adequately stand for the interests of O’Connor. 


Seat of O’Connor: 

O’Connor covers 868,576 sq km area from the Shire of Ngaanyatjarraku in the north to the Shire of Dundas in the south following the coast west to Manjimup. The Division includes the Cities of Albany and Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and the Shires of Boyup Brook, Bridgetown-Greenbushes, Brookton, Collie, Coolgardie, Corrigin, Denmark, Dundas, Esperance, Kondinin, Laverton, Manjimup, Ngaanyatjarraku, Wandering and Williams.

Telstra announces 45 jobs for Adelaide 000 call centre

It is a little known fact that all 000 calls made in Australia are initially answered in two Telstra call centres, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

In December last year Telstra announced it would open a third call centre, in Adelaide, creating 45 jobs while WA members of parliament stood idly by and watched it happen.

Having 000 call centres in the eastern states creates a particular vulnerability to Western Australian electors.

Julie Matheson, spokesperson for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY says "If there is a major failure in any of the Telstra optical fibre cables that link Perth to Adelaide, or the major exchanges at either end, then 000 calls may not be answered. It also adds delay in call processing due to routing the call to these eastern states call centres and then redirecting the call back to WA after answering.

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is perplexed why a 000 call centre cannot be located in Western Australia, to reduce the likelihood of 000 call failure.  Matheson says "We believe our State Government emergency services are more suitable to dealing with 000 calls than Telstra, a private company that does not add value to the call except waste valuable time to reroute the call back to WA emergency services such as Police, Fire and Rescue and St John’s Ambulance".

It's time to put WA interests first, instead of more jobs in the East!

Media contact:  Julie Matheson on 0409 294 495

Gary Mounsey was born and raised in Western Australia and has been a resident of Exmouth for more than eight years, with his wife and two children. After finishing school at Warnbro Community High School, Gary spent a majority of his working life travelling around regional WA where he was exposed to a variety of local concerns and was placed in challenging leadership positions. After making the move to Exmouth, Gary has taken his business, Exmouth Bus Charter ,from the dark ages and upgraded the whole fleet to become a reputable local company with his wife Mesha.

In 2017, Gary decided to ignite a career in politics where he ran for council. He was elected as Deputy Shire President for the Exmouth Shire. Being a resident and representative of North West Regional WA, Gary is incredibly passionate about standing up for absolute fairness for regional WA.

Gary is not only the candidate for Durack, but is a local resident and business owner who understands the plight of this community. He strongly believes that Durack needs proper infrastructure funding, lower priced regional airfares, tax relief for the regions, and an improved tourism and agricultural plan. Gary intends to challenge any law that puts a burden on Durack tax payers, and would like to see Commonwealth jobs in Defence, the ABC, Meteorology, and the public service returned to WA.

Gary believes through confident leadership, powerful decision making and his aptitude for adaptability, he can truly address the increasing neglect of Durack and beyond. He says that his community deserves a voice in Parliament and will be powerfully advocating for the concerns of Durack.  


Seat of Durack:

Durack covers 1,629,858 sq km area from Kununurra in the north to Quairading in the south and includes coastal islands. The division includes the Cities of Greater Geraldton and Karratha and the Shires of Broome, Carnarvon, Cunderdin, Dandaragan, Derby-West Kimberley, East Pilbara, Exmouth, Goomalling, Narembeen, Perenjori, Port Hedland, Quairading, Sandstone, Shark Bay, Victoria Plains, Wiluna and Yilgarn.  


Time to align state vehicle modification legislation:

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY supports new legislation for the alignment of vehicle modification legislation across Australia and congratulates the Four Wheel Drive associations for their "time to align" campaign in all states and territories.

With the sad and irresponsible demise of the Australian car manufacturing industry, it is important that Australia maintains an after-market car industry to support innovation and maintain expertise in vehicle technologies.

The standardisation or alignment of vehicle modification legislation across all states will facilitate the growth of the after-market car industry across Australia and allow modified vehicles to be registered in any state without further inspections or costs.

For more information, Click here>>>



GST Breaking News:

The Federal Government has passed a “GST floor of 75 cents” for Western Australia.

WA was already on it’s way to 75 cents without this legislation. What it means is the GST system is still broken.

GST revenue is being replaced with national debt to top up states who used WA’s GST to fund their balance sheets.

WA and NSW are the only states still not to receive a per capita (11%) share of the GST.

The major parties and the media would like you to think that the GST fix of 70c (rising to 75c in 8 years time) in the $ minimum per capita distribution to Western Australia is a good outcome.

Firstly, Western Australia GST share was already trending towards 70c in the $ per capita share due to falling state revenues from royalties, stamp duty, and payroll tax.

Secondly, the 70c floor does not take into account the huge amount of GST revenue that Western Australia has lost in the past 18 years.

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY‘s campaign to fix the GST is a per capita share of GST revenue collected by Canberra and paid to the states and territories – no strings attached.


Six states and territories receive more GST than their per capita share as this graph from CGC shows. WA (-5.7%) and NSW (-4.6%) are the only states that receive less.

A per capita share GST formula is easy to understand, stops Australia from being a welfare nation on the back of GST handouts, and the negative effect of pokies used to exploit gamblers and their addictions as revenue windfalls for all states except WA.

GST per capita share 2018:

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY says NO to the proposed closure or privatisation of six WA Camp Schools in:

  • Point Peron,
  • Goldfields,
  • Bridgetown,
  • Pemberton,
  • Geraldton,
  • Goldfields, and
  • the Pilbara.

If the Liberal Party were really serious about fixing the GST for WA, they would have voted YES to include gambling revenue in the GST formula at the 2018 Liberal Party Federal Conference.  Instead they voted NO.

It is a little known fact that each state’s gambling revenues is not considered when the Commonwealth Grants Commission decides how much GST revenue each state should receive.

Our Party seeks the truth about the GST.

The truth is no politician can explain the GST welfare system, and none of them want to change it!

The states must agree to change the GST.  FALSE!

Changing the GST welfare system simply requires a simple majority vote of both houses of Federal Parliament to do this.  It DOES NOT require states and territories to agree to it. Ref ABC Fact Check, 15 June 2016.  Holding the balance of power will ensure WA receives back the GST it raises.

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