Our Candidates

A Western Australian Team for Western Australia - 20 formidable candidates!

The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY has astounded some political opponents by fielding candidates in nearly every Western Australian seat, in this it's first fully fledged federal election.

Party leader Julie Matheson has used her mining, business and local governmnent connections from arround the state to put together a formidable line up of 20 candidates for this year's federal election!

Our candidates have the experience and qualifications to ask the hard questions on behalf of Western Australia in Canberra such as:
  1. Is it fair that WA is the only state to get less than 70 cents in the dollar of GST causing WA financial stress while electricity prices increase by 100% over 10 years and WaterCorp reduces water licences to grow fresh food for Perth's population?
  2. Why are Commonwealth jobs in defence, meteorology, the public service and the ABC being relocated to the eastern states?
  3. Why should WA receive $270 per resident less in Medicare funding compared to residents in other states?
  4. Have the decisions of the Family Court resulted in a good outcome for children, their parents and grandparents?
  5. Is WA's infrastructure, housing and environment resilient enough against climate change, and what should be done about it?

Party Leader Julie Matheson launched the #lookfortheSwan campaign after the by-elections of Cottesloe, Darling Range and Perth exposed the false claims made by every party in Canberra that "they couldn't change the GST without approval of all states".  Even Scott Morrison claimed it was up to the up to the states to agree when he was treasurer, and the Labor party did nothing while they were in government too.

While Canberra politicians were making these false claims, WA's GST share fell to 32 cents in the dollar, WA's cost of living went through the roof, electricity prices increased by 100%, WaterCorp overcharged every business and every household by $1 billion to make a surplus for the State Government, and while other states balanced their budgets using our share of the GST.

WA now knows that after voting for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY in three by-elections, the Government can change the GST to a 70 cent floor without agreement from the other states!

To stop the high cost of living WA must vote again for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY so that we can fix the GST once and for all at a per capita share.  We will also expose other discriminations against WA with your help.

#lookfortheSwan on both ballot papers and Vote 1 WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY then number 2 for the party you want to form government, then 3 and so on.  Thank you.

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A Word From Our Leader

“For too long candidates for the major parties have been representing their Eastern States masters, and not the best interests of their electorate”, said Matheson. “Why would anyone living in Western Australia want to vote for a party that’s head office operates out of Queensland, NSW, Victoria, or South Australia?” she said.

“On their watch, WA suffered with the worst share of the GST and still does. There's been little done to support WA Health, Education and Police services. WA jobs in Defence, Weather, and the ABC have all gone east. The Family Court is affecting too many mums, dads and children – especially our valued FIFO workers - There’s little protection for our wildlife and our shores. We need a better deal”, says Matheson.
Julie Matheson
Party Leader

Meet Our Candidates

Julie Matheson
Julie MathesonSenate Candidate
IT'S OUR TURN WA!.....Julie Matheson has a degree in political science from the University of Western Australia and has been a City of Subiaco Councillor for the past seven years. She was an Independent Senate candidate at the 2016 Federal election and set up her own party, Julie Matheson for Western Australia, to run teams of candidates for the 2017 state election. The party has since been re-named the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY, campaigning on the unfairness of GST distributions to Western Australia. Julie is the convenor and leader of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY and will be a strong advocate for Western Australia in Canberra.
Gary Mounsey
Gary MounseyDurack Candidate
LET'S FIX IT FOR DURACK! ............ Gary Mounsey was born and raised in Western Australia and has been a resident of Exmouth for more than eight years, with his wife and two children. After making the move to Exmouth, Gary has taken his business, Exmouth Bus Charter, from the dark ages and upgraded the whole fleet to become a reputable local company with his wife Mesha. In 2017, Gary decided to ignite a career in politics where he ran for council. He was elected as Deputy Shire President for the Exmouth Shire. Gary strongly believes that Durack needs proper infrastructure funding, lower-priced regional airfares, tax relief for the regions, and an improved tourism and agricultural plan.
Elizabeth Re
Elizabeth ReStirling Candidate
THE VOICE FOR STIRLING!............... Elizabeth Re is a proud Western Australian who was born in Mount Lawley. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Diploma of Education. She has thirty years in Environmental Health working at both State and Local Government levels. She was the first female to be appointed as a Principle Health and Building Surveyor in Local Government in Western Australia. Elizabeth has written and lectured on Sustainability, Climate Change and Waste Management at the Tertiary level and has presented papers at International and State conferences on topics such as Sustainability and Public Health issues. Elizabeth has been elected to the city of Stirling as a councillor four times knows the area very well and has used her professionalism to improve and support the lifestyle of local people and give them a voice.
David Freilich
David FreilichSenate Candidate
A SOCIAL MOVEMENT FOR WA............As Chief Rabbi of the Perth Hebrew Congregation for 30 years, David has been involved in interacting with people of all faiths and backgrounds in Western Australia in a social, pastoral and charitable context. This experience has led to his intention to enter Federal politics, to draw on his wide professional experience, and make meaningful change in the Australian parliament. As an elected Senator, David pledges to donate his salary and distribute this to the homeless of Western Australia and to women seeking refuge from domestic violence. David has a deep social conscience and is a firm believer that hard work and effort should be rewarded, but these rewards cannot be enjoyed while there are those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society. David's politics are neither left nor right but centre on a deep social conscious based on policies that serve the best interests of Western Australia.
Sarcha Sagisaka
Sarcha SagisakaBurt Candidate
KEEPING THE BANKS HONEST IN BURT!..............Sarcha moved to Perth at the age of two and has been a resident of the South metropolitan ever since. After completing her education at Corpus Christi College, she went to Murdoch University to obtain her Bachelor International Business (BIB). Sarcha’s international experience saw her live in Japan for several years, where she met her husband. After returning to Perth, Sarcha entered the finance industry and in 2017, she started her own finance broking business, Success Finance Solutions. Sarcha is standing for this year’s election as she believes there is an urgent need for a system that secures the economic well-being of our society. She says that any decisions at the national and state levels need to be made with an understanding of economics in order to achieve the right outcomes. Sarcha will be an outstanding representative for the people of Burt!
Blake Phelan
Blake PhelanBrand Candidate
PROTECTING THE INTERESTS OF BRAND.............Blake Phelan was inspired by his grandparents’ move to Rockingham 20 years ago and is now running for the Federal seat of Brand. He spent many days involved with the Cruising Yacht Club and owns an investment property in Rockingham near Palm Beach. He renovated the property himself and has his own electrical contracting business after spending time working in Newman. At 25 Blake believes that young people have a voice, he would like to be a representative of all Young Western Australians. He is ready to stand up and put the people of Brand first!
Michael Calautti
Michael CalauttiPearce Candidate
FIGHTING REVENUE DISCRIMINATION IN PEARCE............. Michael is a proud Western Australian father of four and grandfather of one. Professionally, Michael operated his own business as an Electrical Contractor and currently works in the Mining Construction Sector as a FIFO Electrical Superintendent. Michael is standing for the seat of Pearce to highlight the lack of action on Family Law Reform by the current Attorney General, Christian Porter, and the general failure of successive governments to address the biggest issue destroying tens of thousands of families every year. That issue is the Family Law and Court system which has devastated parents and children since its inception in 1975. Michael is calling for a Royal Commission to be held immediately into the Family Law Court system. The focus of the Royal Commission should be on children and their guaranteed rights to be raised by both loving parents. Do something different this election #lookfortheSwan on both ballot papers and VOTE 1 for the WA Party, then 2, 3 etc for the party that will govern in the best interests of WA.
Janetia Knapp
Janetia KnappFremantle Candidate
BRINGING FREMANTLE'S DIVERSITY TOGETHER........Janetia Knapp is an aboriginal elder of the Noongar community in Fremantle. Western Australia is deeply embedded in her identity and is the fuel that drives her passion. Through her experiences as an indigenous woman and her engagement with the community, she has deeply understood the gap that exists within the people of WA. Professionally, Janetia is a school teacher in cultural teachings and is the resident artist at Notre Dame University. She believes that the youth of our community truly are the future of our country. Janetia believes that an authentic and genuine collaboration is imperative for a healthy society. She wishes to encourage a celebration of all the diverse cultures that exist in WA. She will voice the concerns of the community and stand up for fair representation. Janetia stood for the seat of Fremantle in 2017 as a proud member of the Western Australia Party. Janetia is again putting herself forward because she is passionate about having the Fremantle community heard in Canberra.
Brett Clarke
Brett ClarkeCanning Candidate
BRINGING BALANCE BACK TO CANNING.............Brett is a father of five, happily married and committed to a better balance in the cost of living for the people of Canning. Brett knows the benefits of work opportunities having grown up in the great southern and then moving to the central wheatbelt where his family worked in agriculture. He entered the workforce at age 15 and never looked back initially working for the curator of the biggest car museums in the state, then finding work in the horticultural industry, meeting his wonderful wife and owning a home to start a family. Brett now works in the resources sector and prides himself on teamwork and loyalty, not only with workmates but with the WA community.
Rod Bradley
Rod BradleySenate Candidate
WE CAMPAIGN FOR GST FAIRNESS..... Rod is the Deputy Mayor of Cambridge and business owner. Rod listens to the people and this can be shown by the increasing number of votes he's received when he comes up for re-election in the Town of Cambridge. Rod wants you to do something different this Federal election... #lookfortheSwan on both ballot papers and VOTE 1 for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY, then 2, 3 etc for the party that will govern in the best interests of WA.
Sharron Hawkins-Zeeb
Sharron Hawkins-ZeebSwan Candidate
LET'S MAKE SWAN PROSPER!..........As a mother of four, Sharron is aware of the day to day struggles of everyday Australians, and will be focussing on Mental Health issues as well as Education and Health. Enabling Western Australia to thrive by supporting all policies to this effect. Locally, Sharron is standing for scrapping the Development Assessment Panels. As a previous JDAP member, during her 6 years as Councillor for the City of South Perth she witnessed many occasions where they proved to be very undemocratic. Sharron's skill set is optimal for this role in Federal government. She possesses a combination of Business, MBA and Marketing skills with experience in small Business as well as qualifications in Local Government, Community Engagement, Mediation and Company Directorship. Sharron is proud to stand with the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY to fight for our fair share of Federal projects, defence contracts and spending and our 100% per capita share of the GST
Peter Swift
Peter SwiftO'Connor Candidate
LET O'CONNOR BE HEARD!........Peter Swift is a passionate local farmer and contractor in the seat of O’Connor. After spending several of his formative years becoming engaged in his local community, Peter formed Swift Air, a commercial airline that focuses on scenic tours of our grand North West. Twelve years ago, Peter fulfilled his dream and purchased his own farm in the Shire of Cranbrook. This exciting time quickly turned as this began Peter’s long uphill battle, often the plight many farmers face. After consistent efforts to fight for property rights and his land, Peter felt unheard and unfairly treated by his local representative of parliament. This election you will find Peter driving in a Truck Convoy to spread the word - the people of Western Australia are copping it in the neck with the high cost of living, and high taxes and stamp duty while other states balance their budgets on a per capita share of the GST. Vote for change, vote 1 for the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY in O'Connor and the Senate.
Ron Norris
Ron NorrisSenate Candidate
FORMER MAYOR OF MOSMAN PARK... Ron is one of the founding members of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY in 2016 and was the first candidate to run for the party in the Cottesloe by-election. Ron received nearly 10% of the vote as he campaigned for the GST to be fixed for WA and better infrastructure for road safety in the area. After Ron's successful campaign the Treasurer Scott Morrison decided that parliament could change the GST to a floor of 70 cents and didn't need the other states to agree. This was a turnaround because every party claimed they needed the states to agree. For real change to WA's funding #lookfortheSwan on both ballot papers and VOTE 1 for the WA Party, then 2, 3, etc for the party that will govern in the best interests of WA.
Andrew Mangano
Andrew ManganoCurtin Candidate
MAKE CURTIN HEARD IN FEDERAL PARLIAMENT!............Andrew Mangano is a proud Western Australian and the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY candidate for Curtin. Through his experiences as a local community member, he deeply understands the concerns of his area and believes WA requires adequate representation in Australian parliament. Andrew’s political career began in October 2017 when he was elected as Councillor for the City of Nedlands. Andrew feels the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY strongly aligns with his values for WA and the need for recognition in Federal parliament. Andrew believes that through his voice and the voice of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY, he can make imperative change to the seat of Curtin.
Stephen Phelan
Stephen PhelanHasluck Candidate
BRING BALANCE BACK TO WA.... Stephen is one of the founding members of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY. He was born and raised on a farm in Miling. He moved to Kalamunda in the early 1970s to finish school and then trained as a French Chef in some of Perth and Sydney's finest restaurants. Stephen raised a family in a mud brick home that he hand built in Hovea and practised permaculture. He now owns a transport business and understands first hand the impact of the rising cost of doing business in WA. #lookfortheSwan on both ballot papers and VOTE 1 for the WA Party, then 2, 3 etc for the party that will govern in the best interests of WA.
Gavin Waugh
Gavin WaughTangney Candidate
YOUR INTERESTS ARE MY INTERESTS IN TANGNEY..... Gavin was born locally, raised locally and like you has the inside knowledge of the local issues. Gavin has given a lifetime of service to your Community from Lions International to St John Ambulance Brigade Officer, State Emergency Service and many other voluntary organisations. His work experience includes both blue collar and white collar, through Apprenticeship, tradesman, engineering, management, government compliance inspector, law maker, university lecturer, industry consultant and corporate executive. Gavin's primary interest is caring for you and the best interests of Western Australia.
Jen Jacobs
Jen JacobsMoore Candidate
REPRESENTING SMALL BUSINESS IN WA.... Jen's family have been small business trail blazers in WA for two generations. She knows first hand what it takes to start a business from scratch and buit it up through word of mouth and advocacy. The cost of doing business in WA is crippling most small businesses with high electricity prices and overcharging for water due to the lack of GST funding for WA. Most small businesses have laid off their staff because of high rates and rents, which has the business owner feel like they can't make a difference, and it's now a job rather than a business. #lookfortheSwan on both ballot papers and Vote 1 for the WA Party and 2, 3 etc for the party you want to govern in the best interests of WA.
Bruce Thompson
Bruce ThompsonSenate Candidate
WE WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.......Bruce was born and raised in Geraldton and is a proud West Australian. A father of two and an active resident of Subiaco for over 40 years, Bruce is eager to see a stronger representation of WA in federal politics. He completed his degree in Architecture at UWA before studying Planning at Curtin University. Bruce's career has seen him work in many roles in architecture, planning, project management and property across government, private companies and small business. His passion encompasses sustainable growth for the community through keeping a two-way line of communication. Bruce says that he is representing the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY as he believes it is time for WA to get a better deal. Dubbed the 'invisible state', he wants to change the way WA is seen by federal parliament. Bruce believes that WA has the most future potential considering our timezone and being situated on enormous resource and land. He says that if there was more investment in WA, nationally, Australia would be a stronger country. Vote 1 for Bruce for your voice in the Senate.
Ian Molyneux
Ian MolyneuxForrest Candidate
WE WILL FIGHT FOR FORREST............ Ian is an active member of his community, is the former Chairman of the Heritage Council and a former Fremantle City Architect. He is the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY candidate for the seat of Forrest and intends to represent the voice of the area through active representation in federal parliament. He would like to advocate urgent reform to the growing concerns faced by local residents, and believes that a representative by WA, for WA and based in WA is the key to Australia's prosperity.
Jane Boxall
Jane BoxallPerth Candidate
LET'S PROTECT PERTH!.......... One of the original founding members of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY, Jane was born in Mount Lawley and has lived in WA all her life. In her career as a school teacher, Jane taught in regional WA and in the city, and understands the need to support the diversity and isolation of Australia's largest state. Jane has been involved with the family court system and recognises that urgent reforms are need to support and understand the unique difficulties of mums, dads and children through this process. Jane is standing for parliament to be a voice for WA, the economic powerhouse of the nation, and with 11% of the nation's population, WA should continue to pursue a per capita share of the GST, not just breadcrumbs and handouts.


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