Perth By-Election

Vote for change…

Vote 1 Julie Matheson for Perth in the super Saturday Perth by-election on 28 July 2018.

Every time Julie Matheson speaks about the GST for Western Australia, the Liberal and Labor Party come up with another GST Lemon.

We know you want more than just GST Lemons.  You told us in the by-elections of Cottesloe and Darling Range in March and June this year.


Julie is a Political Science and International Relations graduate from UWA (2012), and was elected to UWA Convocation Council in 2016. Julie is an award-winning Certified Financial Planner for her distinguished service to the profession.

As a Subiaco Councillor, Julie received the WA Local Government Merit Award (2016) for distinguished service to the community, after campaigning to SCRAP THE DAP because of its negative effects on local communities.
Julie is one of the founding members of SCRAP THE DAP and the Community Action Alliance which successfully stopped forced amalgamation of local governments in metropolitan Perth.

More than 50 communities affected by the Development Assessment Panels (DAP) have approached Julie for help. Read more>>>

WALGA Merit Award for services to the community

Walga Merit Award


You will find a copy of these from our brochure in your letterbox, if not please call Julie 0409 294 495 or send us an email

Change GST Lemons into Lemonade for WA… VOTE 1 JULIE MATHESON for Perth then number every box 2 to 15.

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