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“For too long candidates for the major parties have been representing their Eastern States masters, and not the best interests of their electorate”, said Matheson. “Why would anyone living in Western Australia want to vote for a party that’s head office operates out of Queensland, NSW, Victoria, or South Australia?” she said.

“On their watch, WA suffered with the worst share of the GST and still does. There's been little done to support WA Health, Education and Police services. WA jobs in Defence, Weather, and the ABC have all gone east. The Family Court is affecting too many mums, dads and children – especially our valued FIFO workers - There’s little protection for our wildlife and our shores. We need a better deal”, says Matheson.
Julie Matheson
Party Leader

Meet Our Executive Committee

Julie Matheson
Julie MathesonParty Leader
Rod Bradley
Rod BradleyParty Events Coordinater
Stephen Phelan
Stephen PhelanParty Secretary and Treasurer
Russell Goodrick
Russell GoodrickParty Communications and Media
Ron Norris
Ron NorrisParty Governance
Doug Jackson
Doug JacksonParty Youth Advisor
Ash Srivastava
Ash SrivastavaParty Community Advisor
Andrew Mangano
Andrew ManganoParty Policy

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