Our State was promised a per capita share (11%) of the GST revenue for education, policing, hospitals, roads, and other infrastructure. This is a broken promise by the Federal Government.  So the WA taxpayer pays.  However, there is a balance between how much the state (including local Council rates) and Commonwealth governments need from taxation and the impacts on the individual and the economy from overtaxing the individual and corporations.

High taxation stifles initiative and is one of the reasons manufacturing has reduced in Australia. Stamp duty is a state tax and is particularly insidious; it taxes people regardless of their income, it stifles trade, and is a huge drain on the economy generally. Payroll tax is a tax on jobs and should be abolished.

The Western Australia Party also supports the abolition of political donations from property developers and allied industries, which are already banned in most other states, which both major political parties receive.

There is an urgent need to simplify the Commonwealth taxation system, which is excessively complicated and onerous to comply with, as well as not sufficiently taxing multi-national corporations.

The Western Australia Party also believes in maintenance of employee wages and conditions to stop a “race to the bottom” in wages and conditions.

Finally, protection of self-funded retirees income and investments from detrimental changes by the Commonwealth is required.