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Troy is an outstanding candidate for the seat of Scarborough.  His campaign is to "Fight for What's Right, not what's easy".

Following a successful acting career in film and television Troy Coward was motivated to join the Western Australia Party to stand up for the electorate of Scarborough, where he spent his childhood, swimming and surfing in the pristine waters of scarborough and Trigg beaches which instilled his preservation of the coastal and wider bush environment

Troy’s passion for improving the health and wellbeing in the community is seen in organisations he has belonged,  from WA’s Zero to Hero; Ambassador for foundations like Lifeline; Mental Health Commission; Men’s Health Week campaign; Haka for Life; Corroboree for Life and co-founded Beacon Fight For Life , their goal to reduce the number of Australians who take their own life

Troy believes in “Living Your Best Life” and will work for you, to reduce the number of youth suicides and address the effects of crime, violence and drugs and the impact of over developments on small businesses and the local community.

Fight for What's Right

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