Our plan to protect your community:

We are fortunate in Western Australia to live in one of the most diverse and beautiful places in the world. Each and every one of us has our own story, our own back and our own community. The Western Australia Party is committed to protecting the community and improving the lives of all of our fellow Sandgropers.

WA’s communities have suffered from decades of neglect from the federal government in Canberra. We have missed out on billions of infrastructure spending because we didn’t have independent Members of Parliament fighting solely for the people of Western Australia. For example, the $1.6 billion cost of Perth Stadium was funded by the state government with no help from the Federal Government despite the Federal Government committing financial resources to similar stadium projects around the country. 

West Australian’s continuing to suffer from high costs of necessary spending for homes. Energy costs are projected to rise by up to 6% by 2021, on top of previous rises. The cost rises are largely attributed to higher gas prices; however, we can do more to support our fellow West Australian’s. Additionally, water prices continue to skyrocket and are project to rise by up to 200% during 2020-2021. The Water Corporation overcharged West Australians by $1 billion in 2018 and continue to allow water to drain out to the sea without recharging and directing water to our food growers in the Perth Metropolitan area. We must promote renewable energy services in Western Australia to provide lower-cost, more reliable and sustainable energy services to West Australian households. This should be done over a number of years so to protect our state from blackouts.

Crime continues to rise. We like many West Australian’s are fed up with the state of Crime in WA. Youth Crime, gangs, drug use, robberies, anti-social behaviour and domestic violence are all increasing. We must do something about this so that WA’s communities are safe places to raise a family. The Western Australia Party is working hard to bring back mandatory sentencing, and tougher sentencing for heinous crimes. Additionally, we also want increased funding to go towards the rehabilitation of criminals so that they can re-engage with their communities. Furthermore, we must ensure that our police have more funding so that they can increase training, run 24/7 police stations, and improve staffing.

The cornerstone of every local community is your local government. The Western Australia Party believes that local government should be just that. Local. Currently, local governments are full of political party hacks and are run by unelected bureaucrats who hold immense power. It’s time to completely overhaul our Local Government system. We must have third party appeal rights to ensure that planning decisions are completed in consultation with local communities. Additionally, we must scrap the DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT PANEL which is woefully un-democratic and produces heavily influenced decisions that do not reflect the communities' interests.

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