Darling Range by-election

The Western Australia Party is thrilled to announce Mr Russell Goodrick as our candidate for the Darling Range by-election on 23 June 2018.


It’s 40 years since Russell Goodrick became a household name throughout Western Australia. People still sing his song Russell Told Me.

RUSSELL is a good bloke. He is well known from his years in television and business. He is a respected journalist, a community leader, founding member of Football West, and a founding member of the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY. His passion as an advocate for changes in the Family Court to help Mums and Dads and especially children is well known.


Darling Range is the Apple of our Eye. We don’t have to tell you that it’s an amazingly beautiful and diverse electorate, but with infrastructure needs that are not currently being met. Better planning is needed to retain the rural character while continuing to accommodate residential expansion. Darling Range has an urgent need for more jobs, better roads, more schools, and better protection for orchardists, to save the Community Resource Centres and open thePolice Station 24×7.

Unless WA receives a per capita (11%) share of the GST revenue, these important issues will ONLY be delivered by increased council rates and state taxes.


The GST campaign for WA is our Party’s signature policy. Each time we run this campaign in an election, the major parties get scared and increase WA’s share by a little bit. Once we have a candidate elected into parliament, they will increase the GST by a lot.

In fact WA is short-changed by $5 billion in GST funding every year, causing WA to cannibalise itself, cancelling one service or school to fund another like the closure of Moora College, and cancelling Dampier Water Police, transferring $13.5 million from the regions to Perth projects.

Since 2016 the Western Australia Party has been pursuing the Treasurer to change the GST system which he can do without agreement from the other states. Together, with your number 1 vote, we’ll make him do it!

We are not asking you to change your Liberal or Labor values; we are just seeking your number 1 vote to send a message to the Canberra controlled parties to “stop taking WA for granted”!

In Darling Range VOTE 1 Russell Goodrick, then number all the boxes as you like , or see our preference card to be released soon.

Contact: Julie Matheson 0409 294 495 Russell Goodrick 0418 922 464

Russell still the one