While Western Australia is blessed with large reserves of many types of resources, our resources are not unlimited; they are finite.  Hence we must be careful to utilise them in such a way that there will be reserves left for future generations, and to protect the environment from long term damage through erosion, pollution and other impacts.

Water is a major issue in Western Australia. While desalination has provided increased and more reliable water supplies, it is also very energy intensive and has a pollution downside. Water conservation is an important environmental issue for Western Australia and should be encouraged.

Energy is going through a worldwide transition, from finite fossil fuel sources to renewable sources. Western Australia has to make this transition in a phased and responsible way, to maintain energy security, jobs and the economy.

Tree cover is also important and has a relationship to rainfall and value add produce such as honey. It is important the tree cover is maintained also to prevent dryland salinity. The Western Australia Party supports a significant increase tree planting in degraded areas of the state and grow the number of 200 + year old trees in WA.

Protection from invasive pests such as Queensland cane toads and Queensland fruit fly is also critical.