Economic powerhouse

The Western Australia Party is committed to supporting WA’s economy as the economic powerhouse of the Commonwealth of Australia. WA’s exports account for 46% of Australia’s total exports.

GST for WA

WA and NSW are the only states that get less than a per capita share of the GST. No other state has received less than 83 cents in the dollar. WA is the only state to receive 30 cents in the dollar. The GST formula rewards states that exploit gamblers and their gambling addictions. The formula should be scrapped for a per capita share of GST revenue or $7 billion per annum.

Represent WA in parliament

Use the balance of power in Federal and State parliaments to protect the rights of Western Australia just as Nick Xenophon from South Australia, Andrew Wilkie from Tasmania and Jacqui Lambie from Tasmania have done for many years for their states.

A better deal from Canberra

In 2017, the Commonwealth Government raised $432 billion from all forms of taxation but WA only received $8.3 billion (1.9%), including GST of $2.3 billion. Our share should be closer to 11% based on our population and size of our State.

A wealthy state

Western Australia has the resources and gross state product per capita to be within the top 50 economies of the world. Our lifestyle, wealth and culture is protected by WA’s isolation and low population numbers.


We are a small but growing party with a focus on a better deal for WA from Canberra. Our main policy is to ‘put Western Australians First’ and seek taxation & GST reform to protect all Western Australians’ interests, reduce state taxes, and reform local government.