The formation of the Western Australia Party in 2016 was inspired by the original Western Australian Party (1906-1909) led by Sir John Forrest who was dedicated to protecting the rights of Western Australians and our fair share of federal funding and infrastructure.

Since 2016 our party has nominated more than 50 candidates in State and Federal elections and our “Fix the GST” campaign in 2018 resulted in a GST floor which is party way there to 100% per capita share.

There is no other minor party more dedicated to WA and with more first preference votes. We are the only party in WA with its Head Office in Western Australia and registered both federally and in the state. We make policy in the best interests of Western Australia.

The Western Australia Party is growing

The Western Australia Party is growing. In 2020 the party gained its first Member of Parliament – Former Independent The Hon. Charles Smith MLC. In addition, to date, the party has received over 60,000 first preference votes and has had strong results in 3 2018 by-elections.

It’s time to fight for WA. Vote 1 – Western Australia Party.

The Western Australia Party makes change

Since our formation in 2016, The Western Australia Party has led the fight for WA. We’ve have been campaigning for a 100% per capita share of the G.S.T. for years. In fact, after successful by-election campaigns, and lobbying from our party the federal government introduced a G.S.T. floor.

The Western Australia Party makes change. Vote 1 – Western Australia Party.