After the Government’s closure, Brad took on the challenge of setting up his own industrial business, similar to Westrail, in 1993. Thirty years later, his Armadale/Kelmscott factory is still yielding work for Western Australian high-tech companies and the Australian Defence Force. Brad is saddened to see the decline of Australian manufacturing; some examples are Qantas Defence Services and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Brad hopes to bring real manufacturing back to our shores to give our youth increased opportunities.

Brad was the President of the Australian Institute of Metal Finishing Association WA and Vice President, nationally.

When the Midland Workshops were closed by the Richard Court Liberal State Government in 1993, Brad was invited to a meeting with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Minister Christopher Pine and Defence Minister David Johnston to discuss apprenticeship training and manufacturing in WA.

It was a huge challenge to try and save the abandoned Surface Finishing Trade, but with Brad’s continuous lobbying of the Member for Armadale, Allanah McTeirnan, and the late Don Randall, this put pressure on both the state and federal governments to have the Surface Finishing Trade reinstated.

Brad comes from a working-class family who have blissfully lived in Mandurah (electorate of Canning) for 50 years. He enjoys the relaxed spirit of the regional city by fishing and chatting with the elderly; seeing our seniors

as critical mentors and connections to our community. His decision to enter politics was largely based on his perception that our politicians have abandoned their working-class citizens.

If elected, Brad believes he can make Canning and Western Australia an even better place for everyone to live.