Karl Fehlauer

Karl Fehlauer is the Western Australia Party candidate for the electorate of Kimberley.
Born and raised in Kunnunura with deep roots across the entire Kimberley region, Karl is a small business owner and is passionate about tourism, photography, and nature.
Karl has spent many days at Argyle Downs Station and says “The Kimberley is in my blood.” Karl is passionate about Western Australian tourism and believes we should be working with Indigenous Elders to develop Aboriginal Cultural tours to open up our lands and educate the population about our state and indigenous history.
Mining and Pastoral Region candidate Dave Grills, a Kalgoorlie Councilor, says, “Karl understands the needs of the Kimberley. After 23 years in the Australian Army, he knows what hard work is and will stand up for the wishes of the Kimberley.”
Karl is also passionate about ensuring that Western Australia is prepared for the future. “It’s time that we plan and future proof Western Australia against potential problems such as the current worldwide pandemic and downturn in the economy.”