Pensioners Without Penalties

Australia has hundreds of thousands of pensioners who would come back into the workforce part-time if it did not affect their pension.

Presently, Australian pensioners can only earn $90 per week before they start losing 50c in the dollar from their pension. Our pensioners are shackled to non-productivity.  

Australia has a lower workforce participation rate than most countries and with Aussies remaining fitter for longer there is no reason we should not be able to work on and retain our pension, if we wish.

Josh Frydenberg, the Liberal Treasurer, has promised 1 million new jobs, mostly through government funded programmes and brought the jobless rate down to 4.2% (and national debt to over $1 trillion). This has created a scramble in the private sector for staff, previously available but now in government funded jobs.  

It seems to be the solution is bringing in thousands of foreign workers to do the jobs that a lot of Australians can’t or won’t do. This will put huge pressure on housing and infrastructure.  

It makes much better sense to have a balanced economic policy to allow older Australians who want to work part-time be allowed to do so without being penalised.

What our party stands for

  1. The Western Australia Party is a WA based party with no affiliations to any other party or lobby group.
  2. Our goal is to promote the interests of WA in Canberra with no fear or favour.
  3. We believe in promoting a strong economy, social justice and business for our state.
  4. We believe in climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We want faster action on the development of alternative, renewable energy. We also support WA battery production and endorsement for industries involved in carbon neutral energy production.
  5. Stopping the $21 billion dollar annual theft by the Eastern States from WA coffers. Every year, every West Australian contributes $8000 to the East that we don’t get back. We subsidise every state  and territory, except NSW.
  6. We are not a secessionist party, we just want a fair deal for Western Australia.