Why do we need a Western Australian BASED political party?

All the major political parties in Australia are based in the eastern states, and generally have little interest in the finances of our state. The Western Australia Party was founded by Western Australians wanting a political party whose sole purpose is to act in the best interests of all Western Australians.

Yet again, Western Australia has been deserted by Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement that the full-cycle docking of the Collins-class submarines, would remain in South Australia. His decision not to choose WA was made despite two independent reports recommending the relocation of this work to Western Australia. This is a massive blow for the Henderson Marine Precinct, which will cost the State economy up to $9 billion and 3000 jobs.
WA’s communities have suffered from decades of not getting our share from the federal government in Canberra. We have missed out on billions of infrastructure spending because we didn’t have independent Members of Parliament fighting solely for the people of Western Australia.