Our Policies

Our Policies


Our State

  • Continue to fight for 100% per capita share of the national GST pool. WA and NSW are the only states not to receive a per capita share
  • Western Australia to receive 100% per capita share of fuel excise revenue
  • A fair share of “Defence Contracts” and “Defence Spending” in Western Australia
  • Oppose removing Commonwealth agencies ( ABC; Public Service; Air Traffic Control; Meteorological Bureau; N.D.I.S ; Defence ) to the Eastern States
  • Abolish fringe benefits tax in regional WA. It's killing off our regional towns

Your Community

  • Increased federal funding for infrastructure (roads, hospitals, schools) in WA
  • Responsible transition to renewable energy to protect industry, homes and the environment. Blackouts are detrimental to our economy
  • Federal incentives for manufacturing in Western Australia
  • Strong border security to protect WA's pristine environment against diseases and pests. We support the Government's current Border Protection policy

Your Money

  • Oppose the removal of franking credit refunds which are important returns to shareholders of Australian owned companies and businesses
  • Simplify the complicated Commonwealth taxation system
  • Maintain or improve employee wages and conditions in legislation
  • Retain negative gearing on property 
  • Protect Western Australian's retirement plans from detrimental changes to superannuation, insurance, property investments and family trusts

Your Family

  • Advocate for urgent changes to the Family Court
  • Fair treatment of all parties by the Child Support Agency
  • Improved Commonwealth incentives for apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Grow employment opportunities for young and mature age workers

Your Health

  • Better facilities for Mental Health
  • Increased funding for Drug Rehabilitation in WA
  • Improved standards and affordability of Aged Care facilities
  • Support a State Based N.D.I.S
  • Change the distribution of Federal Funding to prioritise Western Australia's sporting associations, to help curb the obesity epidemic

Your Environment

  • Protect our biodiversiy from multiple threats such as pest species, climate change, habitat loss and inadequate funding for land management services
  • Provide financial support for local community conservation groups
  • More federal funding for management of Water Resources
  • Federal enquiry into the environmental consequences of urbanisation in WA
  • Increase federal support for Aboriginal Ranger programs in Western Australia
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